Land of Many Cultures

46 million people are living in Spain. Spain is a country which is “separated” in north and in the south, due to some problems in the society. There is a part of Spain called Catalonia which people wants to be independent. Furthermore soccer plays an important role in Spain, but still in soccer there are some tensions between north and south.

The area of Spain covers about 506,000kms. It is a mountainous country dominated by plateaus and mountain chains. The Pyrenees are the largest mountain chain in Spain. Furthermore there are several major rivers in Spain and many smaller islands which belong to Spain.

The Spanish culture is based on the Rome culture, but also on the Iberian culture. During the middle ages there was a big influence of Muslim culture. Very important is the sense of regional identity for many people in Spain, this causes some problems because there is always kind of fight between the Caledonians and the people from the north.

The Spanish cuisine has its roots in the Mediterranean cuisine. Due to the high influence by many different cultures is the Spanish cuisine unique. Rice and seafood is used in many dishes as well as soups usually eaten with bread and vegetable and fish based dishes popular in the north.