The Boot

The Italian Republic has about 60 million inhabitants nowadays and everything started with Rome being the first city with about 1 million inhabitants. Being the center of the Roman Empire about 2 and a half thousand years ago influenced whole Italy, even though two-thousand years later there are many of those impressive buildings left.

The landscape of Italy covers 300,000 km2 and is a bit mountainous. But in the north is a plain area after that even more in the north are the Alps which are very important for the tourism in Italy, due to the ski sport.

The Italian Culture has its roots direct in the Roman Empire. This influenced the culture strongly. There are so many amazing buildings left in Italy and it is almost incredible how they was build over two-thousand years ago! Especially in Rome there are many of those relicts of the time of the Roman Empire. Furthermore Italy has a huge collection of art, culture and literature from many different periods.

Italian food is famous all over the world, most famous is Italian Pasta, Insalata and Pizza. Pizza is a dish spread over the whole world as well as some dishes of Italian Pasta, but the best Pizza and Pasta is only available in Italy, there are so many different restaurants no matter where you are and usual they have a really high standard, although being quiet cheap even in Rome.