France is the largest country in Europe. It is very famous for its cuisine. There are 66million people living in France. France is very rich of history. It played an important part in both World Wars and in the Napoleon War. Furthermore there are many relicts of the time of the Romans.

France is in general a plain country, especially in the north. But there are some mountain ranges like the Alps. The French Alps are very beautiful and the highest mountain of the Alps the Mount Blanc(Black Mountain) is in France.

France is worldwide known for its culture. There are many famous Artists, actors, scientists, painters and architects from France. Furthermore France has been a center for the developing of the European culture. And the French Revolution changed the social surface of whole Europe. Still today France is a center for fashion and arts. And who don’t want to visit once the “City of Love” Paris?

French restaurants are rated as the best ones in the whole world! There is no country with more restaurants getting the highest rating possible. There are many different national and regional dishes all over France and even some seasonal dishes. So who ever visit France will discover a wide range of tasty dishes started with the world famous French baguette.