Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest Arabian country with almost 30 million people living there. And it has the second largest oil reserve in the world and is the highest oil exporter so it is a rich country.

The culture of Saudi Arabia developed from the centuries old culture of the Arab tribal civilization. It is a very strict Islamic country with 97% Muslims. It is so strict, that behavior and dress it not just enforced socially but even by law. But it is the perfect country to see the Islamic culture.

Saudi Arabia is about 80% of the Arabian Peninsula with 2,250 milion km2. The surface of the country is dominated by the Arabian dessert. So there is the world’s largest contiguous sand desert in the south of Saudi Arabia. The climate is like the dessert, very hot and dry.

The Saudi Arabian cuisine is the traditional Arabian cuisine. Kebab and dishes from lamp are very popular, pork is prohibited. Besides the Arabian food there is Turkish, Persian, and African food very popular