Land of Sand and Chocolate

Qatar with Doha as the capital is a country on the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar has around 2 million inhabitants. Qatar spends billions of dollars to make the infrastructure for the tourism even better, as a result of this Qatar is able to hold the FIFA world cup in 2022.

The Landscape of Qatar, which covers an area of 11,571 km2, is very plain, the highest point of the country is only about 100 meters above the sea level. And many parts of the barren are covered with sand.

Sunni Islam is the religion of Qatar, all in all there are over 80% of the inhabitants Muslims. And of course is Arabic the official language of Qatar. In general the Qatar culture is very Arabian even though there is some western influence.

The Qatar cuisine is like the Arabian cuisine with some unique Qatari dishes. For example, Hummus, a dip made from chickpeas and tahini, a sesame seed paste.