Land of the Aztec Empire

Oman is a country at the south east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman is known as a high income economy with many rich people. All in all there are approximately 3.9 million people living in Oman. Oman has a very warm climate with almost no rain.

Oman covers an area of 309,501 kms. There are mountain ranges in the north, which are worth a visit because they are different of other mountains, due to the different and very dry climate. And there is an other important region in the south east, where the most important cities are. And of course there are those beautiful Arabian beaches!

The Oman culture is similar to the Arabian culture, however it is unique on the Arabian Peninsula, due to the high influence of other countries because Oman expand in history. The main religion is the Islam, 75% of the inhabitants of Oman are Muslims, so there are many buildings to visit which are related to the Islamic culture.

The food of Oman is very wide spread, but there are some unique Omani foods! For instance the Rukhal bread which is made above fire of palm leaves. Or the Mashuai, which is a meal consisting of a whole spit-roasted kingfish served with lemon rice. Moreover, a visitor of Oman should try the Omani Halwa.