Land of Dreams

Dubai is known as the country of the superlatives! Everyone who thinks about Dubai thinks about incredible big buildings, every possibility of crazy entertainment and this is true! There is the possibility to go skiing in a giant hall in the middle of the very hot summer! There are many things to discover in Dubai!

Dubai’s culture is very paradox and definitive worth a look at! The culture developed from the Islamic culture, the traditional Arab culture and the Bedouin culture. And the strong contrast to it is the culture of a huge city like Dubai. There is a cosmopolitan society beside the strict live as a Muslim. And there is a strong western influence as well, so the weekend in Dubai is Friday and Saturday, because the Friday is holy in the Muslim culture and the usual western weekend is Saturday and Sunday.

In Dubai are so many different ethnicities that you can get food from all over the world! There are many fast food restaurants as well as traditional Arabian restaurants. And Asian food is very popular as well. Even though Dubai is very high influenced by the Islam, it is legal to sell pork, but not to Muslims!