Land of the Tsars

Russia is the largest country in the world! It has 143 million inhabitants and a really interesting history. Being such a large country with many resources made Russia really strong in the last 500 years and it was involved in every big war, like the Napoleon wars WWI and WWII. There is much to discover in Russia!

Being the largest country in the world with 17 million km2 area, separates the Russian landscape. The north is very cold and the landscape is like tundra. In general Russia is very plain but there are many different mountain ranges. Furthermore Russia has a immense long coast line but it is so far in the north that it is not that attractive for Tourists.

In Russia’s culture the folklore and dancing is very important but it depends always on the region. There are more than 150 different ethnicities in Russia and many different religions. There are many famous buildings in Russia like Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. Furthermore the Visual arts are very popular in Russia and there are many different and famous painter.

Russian cuisine widely uses fish, poultry, mushrooms, berries, and honey. The kind of dish depends always on the region. In the western part of Russia are western dishes wide spread, in the eastern parts Asians dishes.