Land of Milk & Honey

Poland is a country in east Europe with 38 million people living in an area of 322,000km2. The Polish currency is Zloty. It is a member of the EU and its capital city is Warsaw. The Polish history is very interesting because Poland was strongly influenced by WWII being the first target of the Germans.

The landscape of Poland is very mountainous. The Polish mountains are very popular for tourists as well as many of the rivers. Furthermore there are some popular lakes, which are important for the Polsih history and society for example the Lake Solina near Lesko. Moreover, Poland coastline is a popular travel destination for Polish people and for tourists.

The Polish culture is very various. There are so many different ethnicities that a visitor of Poland can discover many of the eastern Europeans cultures in that country. The culture is influenced by the Germanic, Latinate and Byzantine culture. Polish people are very hospitable. There are some famous people from Poland such as the scientist Nicolaus Copernicus or pope John Paul II. The Polish society is very tolerant and there is almost no discrimination.

The Polish cuisine shares many similarities with other European countries. It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef (depending on the region) and winter vegetable. Some famous dishes are bigos, pierogi and zrazy. The main meal is lunch and it is really big! It starts with a soup like tomato soup than followed by the main meal usual with much meat and is finished with a dessert.