Land of Smiles

Thailand is a very popular travel destination in Asia for people from all over the world! The reason are the beautiful coastlines, the interesting and old history and culture and a very famous cuisine. Thailand is with 513,000 km2 the 51th largest country in the world and 64 million people are living in Thailand. And on top of that, the Thais are very friendly, that’s why the country is often called the “Land of Smiles”.

The landscape of Thailand is just beautiful. The Thai beaches are well-known all over the world. Almost everyone have seen one of the pictures of the beautiful Thai beaches without knowing that its Thailand! The water is absolute clear and the beaches are untouched. And in the north of Thailand are the Thailand highlands with really nice mountains. And the famous Mekong river is a must to visit in Thailand

Thailand’s culture is strongly influenced by other south-east Asian countries. Their national religion Theravada Buddhism is very important for the Thais. There are many wonderful Temples to visit and some Chinese traditions as well. Furthermore, the Chut Thai, the traditional Thai clothing, can be experienced in Thailand.

Thai food could be really spicy! But there are other elements of which the Thai cuisine is based on, these are sweet, spicy, salty, bitter and sour. And lemon flavor is often added to the meal. There are 5000 different variations of rice in Thailand and rice is of course the staple food! For many people the Thai cuisine is the only reason to travel to Thailand!