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Summer Nouns – Beginner Level – FREE ESL Lesson Plan

By October 28, 2019Uncategorized

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Summer Nouns Lesson Plan – ESL Beginner Level
Topic: Summer – with recognition of basic nouns

Level: Beginner

Age: 8-10 years

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Lexical / Eclectic Approach, flashcards, game (bingo) flashcards

Language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Phonics

Lesson Objectives: Learn summer vocabulary. Words: beach, beach ball, beach towel, sandcastle, ocean, ocean waves, beach umbrella, sand, bucket and spade, swimming costume (10).

Resources: Flashcards, summer bingo cards and counters

Warm-Up: Introduction to summer by asking students, if they wish to share, what they each enjoy about the summer months.

Have flashcards with colourful images and their corresponding description words. As an example, flashcard picture of a beach scene with the word ‘beach’, followed with pictures of beach items like towel, beach ball, sandcastle and so on. Have these prepared in order with general beach scene first?

Teaching 1: Show each flashcard image while saying the word five (5) times.

Task 1: Students repeat the words five times together as a class. They then each have a turn at saying the word five times while others listen. Flashcards are then placed around the floor. Teacher says one of the flashcard words, and in teams of two, each student pair moves to the corresponding flashcard. Explain which of these words are described as ‘common nouns’ since they name a person, place or thing, like, ball, umbrella, towel and so on.

Teaching 2: Summer Bingo ( Bingo cards and counters.

Task 2: Provide students with one bingo card and four (4) counters. The children pick four words or pictures then cover them with the counters. The caller randomly calls out words for any of the pictures on the bingo card. Children uncover each of their chosen pictures that are called. The first student to uncover all four chosen words/pictures calls out bingo! The winning student then becomes the caller.

Teaching 3: Whisper chain ( First demonstrate the game with a couple of students and the rules.

Task 3: Organise students into two lines. Beginning with the students at the end of the line, show both students a summer-themed word. Each student whispers the word (example: beach umbrella) to the next student in their line. When the whispered word reaches the last student in the line, that student then picks, from a pile, a matching flashcard image to the word and places it on the floor in front. The group that finishes the number of words (10) wins the game and receives a summer-themed sticker.

Follow-up: If time prevails, the teacher writes up all ten (10) summer words from today’s lesson onto the whiteboard with letters in a disorderly manner. The students then write the letters in the proper order in their work pads and the first student to finish all words correctly is given a sticker of choice.

Homework: Draw and colour an image of a summer scene of choice and mark the images that identify as a common noun and write the word.

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