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10557NAT Certificate IV in TESOL 11 CORE Units + 6-hour practicum $3995
10558NAT Diploma of TESOL 13 CORE Units + 24-hour practicum $9995

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A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is like a tax file number. It is unique to an individual person and stays with you for life. It is a reference number made up of numbers and letters that will be linked to the Australian National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Collection. A USI makes it easier for students to find and collate their VET achievements into a single authenticated transcript. It will also ensure that students' VET records are not lost. From 1 January 2015 it is mandatory for all Australian students or students studying in Australia to have a USI.

Please note, if you are an international student studying offshore then you do not need to obtain a USI - this will mean that the results of the training will not be accessible through the Commonwealth and will not appear on any authenticated VET transcript prepared by the Registrar.​​

If you are an Australian student or you are studying in Australia then you must obtain and provide a USI.​

For students outside Australia:

Please type "INTOPTOUT" into the Unique Student Identifier field below if you are an international student studying offshore (i.e. outside of Australia)

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Note: Your course expiry date is one year from your registration/start date or two years for the Diploma course.

Note: The RPL Handbook and Application form can be downloaded from the website.

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