Elective – Online Tutoring

Become certified in one of the newest and most rewarding areas of TESOL Teaching. Our unique Online Tutoring Elective will prepare you for the lucrative and exciting world of online ESL teaching, with ways to help you start your own online tutoring business or become an online tutor.
(60-hour certificate course online or by correspondence)

Course Overview:

The Online Tutoring Elective introduces and prepares you for the world of ESL teaching online. This course was developed by real online TESOL tutors with video tutorials to compliment your learning. Teaching English online is different from teaching in the classroom, and therefore, we will cover:

1. Master the intricacies of the online classroom
The online classroom is different from the physical classroom. To prepare you for the online classroom, we teach you the most important teaching techniques and classroom management methods needed in the online classroom.

2. Adapt lesson plans for online
Lesson planning for the online classroom requires you to adapt your classroom lesson plans to technology friendly mediums. We will teach you the best way to do this, including useful templates and activities.

3. Practice your skills and get certified
Put your theory into practice with your unique assessment lesson and opportunities to practice teaching an international student online.

4. Find your niche
Become a part of the lucrative specialised English tutoring industry by learning how to identify your ESL niche and how to market it.

5. Start your own English Tutoring career
The elective includes a comprehensive module on how to create your own online tutoring business and how to market your services to international students. It also covers the employment application process, interview tips, and demo lesson examples for online tutoring companies.

6. Get creative with tutoring
Learn about other ways to use your TESOL and Online Tutoring Certifications to start a unique and fulfilling English tutoring career.

Course Assignments:

  • ESL niche development
  • Lesson planning for the online classroom
  • Delivery of an online ESL class


Q:Do I need a technology background to be an online tutor?

A: No, we have included a video tutorial to teach you how to use one of the most popular online teaching software programs.

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