Elective – Medical English

Teach English in the medical field! Learn how to take advantage of English teaching within the training environment of the medical field. Provide medical professionals the opportunity to practice English in their related profession.
(60-hour certificate course online or by correspondence)

Course Overview:

Learn how to teach topics such as cultural difference and its role in the medical industry, misunderstanding in terminology and patient care, cultural ethical dilemmas and language barriers.

Medical English covers these vital areas of the medical profession enabling medical professionals to gain not only an understanding of the English language in relation to their profession but also cultural awareness.

Medical English will also cover the various medical professions, the many and varied Natural Therapies fields and patient care. A thorough and comprehensive course full of activities, charts, vocabulary and resources for the TESOL Teacher to take advantage of this lucrative ESP field Medical English.

Course Assignments:

  • Cultural and ethical issues
  • Medical professions
  • Natural therapies
  • Medical vocabulary
  • Lesson planning and activities for the medical English classroom


Q: Do I need medical qualifications in order to teach in this field of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) ?

A: No, this course will cover everything needed for the TESOL teacher to teach Medical English.

Q: What type of professions can I teach medical English to?

A: This course contains a list of all the internationally recognised medical professions as well as natural therapies in which medical English can be taught.

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