Elective – Independent TESOL Study

An exciting opportunity to research and receive a TESOL certificate for your own ESL experience and field of choice. Independent TESOL Study is a must for TESOL teachers seeking international recognition for their own research, ideas and creativity.
(60-hour certificate course online or by correspondence)

Course Overview:

Independent TESOL Study provides the experienced TESOL teacher with the exciting opportunity to gain recognition and certification in a researched and chosen field of ESL teaching.

This course includes how to prepare a case study, the necessary requirements of preparing a case study, preparing research and documenting experience. Resources and examples are provided.

Course Assignments:

  • Choosing a case study
  • Researching a field of study
  • Documenting a case study
  • Evidence to support a case study


Q: Can I choose my own area to do my case study about?

A: Yes, all students are given a list of case study suggestions; however, you can submit your own field of choice to be approved for you case study.

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