Elective – English for Children

Become certified in one of the newest and most rewarding areas of TESOL Teaching. English for Pre-school is packed with teaching activities, games and resources for the TESOL Teacher. The most fun you’ll have teaching!
(60-hour certificate course online or by correspondence)

Course Overview:

English for Pre-school covers the vital aspects of early childhood development including the cognitive and motor skill developmental stages. Teaching approaches and methods have been specifically developed to incorporate the growing needs of this tender age group. Full of games, arts and crafts ideas, songs, and rhymes. English for Pre-school will thoroughly prepare the TESOL teacher for the Pre-school classroom. Topics covered include: developmental stages, teaching techniques, classroom management for pre-schoolers, the classroom environment and topics to teach for each developmental stages.

Course Assignments:

  • Theory questions
  • Game tasks
  • Worksheet tasks
  • Song tasks
  • Arts and crafts tasks
  • Materials development
  • Lesson plan tasks


Q: How can I determine if activities are age and level appropriate for teaching children?

A: English for Children covers topics and activities for elementary-school aged children from beginner level through to intermediate.

Q: How do I handle behavioural problems in the ESL classroom?

A: English for Children covers classroom management techniques specific for elementary-school aged children including student motivation.

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