Elective – Computer English (CALL)

Incorporating I.T. and the Internet in the TESOL classroom brings a whole new dimension to learning. With an endless supply of online resources and information Computer English (CALL) is a must for the TESOL teacher wanting to keep up with technology.
(60-hour certificate course online or by correspondence)

Course Overview:

Computer English (CALL) covers a whole range of learning and teaching techniques using the latest technology. Topics covered include: The Internet and available resources, learner needs analysis, computers as a language tool and appropriate software for language teaching.

This course will cover learning styles and incorporating them in the ESL classroom as well as level-appropriate activities for computer language lessons. With technology advancing and now considered a vital tool for communication, this course takes a look at using various computer programs and their applications to develop lessons.

This course includes how to prepare a case study, the necessary requirements of preparing a case study, preparing research and documenting experience. Resources and examples are provided.

Course Assignments:

  • Theory questions
  • Applications of I.T.
  • Creating activities with MS Word
  • Lesson planning for computer lessons
  • Using the Internet in the language classroom


Q: How can I incorporate the Internet safely in ESL lessons?

A: Computer English (CALL) covers Internet applications and activities for the ESL classroom as well as protecting your computer from viruses.

Q: Do I need qualifications in I.T. in order to teach Computer English?

A: No, all you need is basic computer knowledge. Computer English covers everything you need to know in how to incorporate basic computer skills into your lessons.

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