Elective – Business English

With International trade and business dominating the world today the need for international communication has exploded. With Business English certificate, you can enjoy and reap the benefits from this exciting and lucrative English teaching opportunity.
(60-hour certificate course online or by correspondence)

Course Overview:

In today’s modern society the need for communication has dominated the business world. Whether online, by phone or in person, English has become the global language for business. From CEOs to secretaries, professionals from almost all countries and cultures are learning Business English to enhance their business or job prospects. Never before has the demand for certified Business English teachers been higher. Specialised teaching techniques are required to develop materials and lessons in this professional field.

In this particular area of study, students expect materials and lessons to cater to their very individual needs and specifications. Knowledge of Business Needs Assessment and course development are essential. With the Business English certification course, TESOL teachers will learn the skills necessary to develop Business English courses and lessons which will meet their students’ expectations.

This course will cover topics such as needs assessment, communication, amnd cross-cultural differences including business meetings, business plans, materials development, and business vocabulary.

Course Assignments:

  • Theory questions
  • Course development
  • Materials development
  • Lesson planning


Q: How do I know what to teach for a specific business field?

A: Business English will thoroughly cover Needs Assessment and teach the necessary skills in properly analysing the student’s specific Business English needs.