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8 places that you need to Instagram in China

By April 24, 2018China

Instagram in China - ATA TESOL College-min

These are the top 8 places to Instagram in China that aren’t The Great Wall

A lot of ESL teachers start their TESOL/TEFL teaching careers in China. Everyone has heard a lot about this country that is rich in culture and opportunity. But not many people know that China is actually home to some stunning natural landmarks. While you are teaching and living in China, we encourage you to take advantage of your weekly breaks, and use the amazing train network to see more of this beautiful country. To get you excited to see your new country, we have found the 8 best pleaces to Instagram in China. These places are so beautiful that they make us want to leave our desks and hope onto a plane right now!

Blue Moon Valley China

Breathtaking 🏔 #nixiaodetianmimiyunnan

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We are honestly blown away by the natural beauty of the Blue Moon Valley in China and sometimes can’t even believe that a place like this exists. Not only is the Blue Moon Valley perfect to Instagram in China, but it is also home to a beautiful belief of the local Naxi Tribe. It is believed that if a man is able to stand barefoot in the waters during a cold winter, then the love between that couple will last forever. So, this is also the perfect place for a #couplegoals Insta shot too.

Xihu Lake in Hangzhou

Xihu, or West Lake as it is known in English, is one of the most popular lakes in China for both international and domestic tourists. The lake and area has been featured in numerous artworks and photography shoots making it popular for Instagrammers worldwide. Shots of this lake are best taken when reflections on the lake’s surface can be captured.

Terracotta Army in X’ian

We love a good symmetrical photo for the ‘gram. And the perfect Chinese location to fill this need is in X’ian. The world famous Terracotta warriors make the perfect backdrop for a funny group #selfie or a simple cultural update for your feed. Even if you aren’t going to Instagram, we think this is one of China’s must-visits while you are living there.

Tianzifang in Shanghai

Paparazzi got me like 📸 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• One of the funniest things I experienced throughout my stay in China was the feeling of being a local celebrity (or some kind of zoo animal 😂). Everywhere I went I was constantly pulled into pictures and/or photographed without even my knowledge (hence the guy in the right of this picture) 📸. I became victim of the selfie stick countless times. No matter how hard I tried to evade being in pictures, I was at a loss 🤷🏽‍♀️. . . . Eventually I stopped attempting to duck out and just embraced the moment. I had so much fun photobombing groups (only to be pulled into the center of the picture for a photoshoot 😂) and watching these people’s faces light up whenever I threw down a peace sign for the pic ✌🏽. When I finally stumbled upon the first American I met (8 days into my trip) I found out he too had the same problem and eventually started asking for the pictures on his own phone (best Instagram story I’ve ever seen @victorwebsterphotography ) 📲. . . . Foreigners don’t venture to the places I visited too often, so seeing someone so different is a matter of sheer excitement and curiosity for these guys. It’s also unbeknownst to me a sign of wealth and good fortune to be friends with a Westerner. I won’t be surprised if I end up in a family photo in some strangers house somewhere 😂. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #thethingsyoulearn #traveldiary #china #travelblogger

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We want to keep this hidden gem all to ourselves, but alas, sharing is caring. Tianzifang is arguably Shanghai’s most trendy, hipster area. Hidden away in the backstreets of a former French residential area, you will find backstreets filled with so many Instagram aesthetic shops, eateries, and bars. The area is bustling and lively and we love that there are so many Instagram opportunities everywhere you look. This is also a great place for expats to meet each other as foreigners love to spend the afternoons in this area.

Longji Rice Terraces, Yangshuo

These beautiful rice terraces look magical on a misty morning and inject a bit of colour into your Instagram feed. We love how the terraces are one of the few places in China where you can get a shot free of bustling people and crowds. A visit to the Longji Rice Terraces is a peaceful experience that every China visitor should enjoy at least once.


Home to the “Avatar Mountains”, Zhangjiajie is a must visit for every nature lover. The large, pillar mountains that can be found in the area make a dramatic backdrop for any photo. They are so unique that they were said to have inspired the landscape for the Avatar movies, hence the nickname Avatar Mountains.


How could an Instaworthy China list be complete without Suzhou, the Venice of China? As you can see in the stunning photo above, China has a diverse range of cities each with their own beauty. Suzhou is picture perfect with its canals and traditional Chinese architecture and is definitely worthy of a visit.

Zhongshan Park of Shantou

This park will named and built for China’s famous Dr. Sun Yat-sen. It is famous for its display of the traditional art of Chinese gardening that has taken centuries to perfect. There are endless Instagram opportunities with the many intricately decorated pavilions and lotus lakes.

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