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How to Choose a TESOL Course in 2021

By April 15, 2021ESL Industry Advice

The best way to start your English TESOL teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL Australia.

Choosing a TESOL course in 2021 can be a hard decision with many on the market. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our TESOL courses meet and exceed the expectations of ESL employers worldwide. We are job outcome and student-focussed, making sure that you get the best TESOL certificate and the best job after graduation. To help you make the right decision, here are the 5 most important points to look for when choosing a TESOL or TEFL Course.

Company History

    Look for a TESOL course provider that is established and has a long history in TESOL training. Company history gives you confidence that the college is reputable and has a lot of experience in the TESOL industry.

  • ATA TESOL College Australia was founded in 2003. We have been Australia’s largest, private TESOL course provider for over 18 years, with 26000 students & graduates in Australia and worldwide. Our sole focus is TESOL training to ensure that we can provide the most high-quality TESOL courses for our students.
  • Staff have over 25 years ESL industry experience. Our trainers, mentors, and support staff are experts in the ESL industry with over 25 years experience as TESOL teachers, trainers, and employers. Therefore, your whole experience with ATA TESOL College has been developed with expertise and excellence in mind.

Student Support Team

    Look for a TESOL Course Provider that has a dedicated Student Support Team. As a TESOL teacher in training, a Student Support Team, that can provide expert advice, is vital to ensure you are supported throughout your learning journey.

  • We pride ourselves on our Student Support Team. With over 25 years of experience, we want the best for you and your TESOL career.
  • We provide dedicated job support and a closed Facebook Job Group to get access to our exclusive Online Tutoring Jobs direct from our industry employer contacts.
  • Our team is based in Australia & accessible via multiple channels worldwide.

Areas of Study

It’s important to choose a TESOL Course Provider with a lot of different areas of study. These areas of study allow you to study based on your interests, teaching niches, and give you a competitive edge when job hunting.

  • ATA has 12 Specialist Areas of Study called Electives. We have the most areas of study on the market!
  • Our most popular are Online Tutoring, Private Tuition, Business English & IELTS & TOEFL Preparation
  • Having more areas of study gives you a competitive edge when job hunting for TESOL jobs.
  • Graduate Outcomes

      There are many ways you can use your TESOL Certification. Here are some of the ways our graduates have used their TESOL qualification:

    • Teach English as a TESOL Teacher Overseas. Please refer to Smart Traveller for current travel information.
    • Teach English Online as an Online TESOL Tutor. Our unique Online Tutoring Elective will get you ready for the online teaching industry.
    • Tutor Locally. Use your international TESOL Certificate to tutor international students locally in your home country or in the country you are teaching overseas in.
    • Homestay Tutor. Use your international TESOL Certificate to host and tutor international students wanting to learn English.
    • Volunteer Teaching. Volunteer as a TESOL teacher overseas and online.

    Student Community Reviews

      We pride ourselves on our high-quality TESOL courses and our great student reviews speak for themselves.

    • 5 star rating on Facebook.
    • TESOL Course Review TEFL TESOL

    • 4.7 star rating on Google.

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