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How to Become an Online English TESOL Teacher in 2021

By February 20, 2021June 11th, 2024ESL Industry Advice, Online Teaching

The best way to start your English TESOL teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL Australia.

It’s becoming common to do online tutoring, because it’s a good way to earn extra money or start a new career. As an online TESOL English tutor, you can teach English through popular videoconferencing programs such as Skype or Zoom, or online through privately developed platforms for online English schools.

For the students and teachers, it’s convenient to learn and teach online because neither party has to commute for class. Learning English online is especially common in Asian countries, such as China and Japan. The demand for English learning worldwide is rising exponentially each year and the ESL industry is currently a $63 billion-dollar industry. It is common for kids and teenagers to learn general English online after school. It is common for adults to learn specialised English, such as Business English, and IELTS exam preparation English, after work or study. Therefore, peak times for teaching are 5PM-10PM Beijing Time on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Three ways to become an online TESOL English tutor:

  • Tutoring company. There are a lot of online English language schools. Teaching for an established online English school is good for people who want to follow a school’s curriculum and student booking system. There is less flexibility when teaching with an online school.
  • Freelancer. Using freelance websites – everything is decided between you, as the English tutor, and your students. Some freelance websites provide curriculums and some teaching structure so this is a good option for TESOL teachers that want some flexiblity and some structure.
  • Tutoring business. Starting your own business has never been so straightforward. There are many tools to help you start your own website, plan your own curriculum, find your students, set your own times, and arrange your own salary. Take control of your future, be your own boss, and start your own online tutoring website today.

What do you need to become an Online TESOL English Teacher?

  • A TESOL certificate is the minimum requirement
  • Stand out in the competitive market by studying our Online Tutoring Elective. This elective teaches you all of the ins and outs of teaching English online. Graduate with certification for your resume, get experience with our practical demo lesson assessment, and get access to our exclusive Online Tutoring Jobs.
  • A Fast internet connection is recommended
  • A headphone with a microphone and a webcam
  • Access to a computer with videoconferencing software (Skype and Zoom are most popular)
  • A friendly, patient, and punctual personality. We teach you all of the tip and tricks to be the best online TESOL teacher in our Online Tutoring Elective.

Education Requirement

The minimum requirement to be an online TESOL English tutor is a TESOL Certificate because you will learn how to teach English as a Second Language effectively.

It’s important to study a TESOL course with 1 on 1 tutoring subjects to help you prepare for the online tutoring world. The online TESOL teaching industry requires additional teaching methods that aren’t taught during other TESOL courses which predominantly focus on classroom teaching. We offer both a specialised Online Tutoring Elective and a Private Tuition elective to ensure you are prepared and certified to teach English in a one on one setting online. These electives provide you with a transcript to add to your resume so when you, as a TESOL teacher, are applying for a job, you will stand out from the others.


  • Company – Based on your credentials and experience, usually between $12 to $30 USD per hour
  • Own business – You can charge your own hourly rate based on your ESL teaching niche. Some of our graduates earn up to $75 an hour teaching specialised English online.

Our online tutoring elective helps you determine and define your ESL teaching niche to earn the most money as an online tutor.

How to start

    Get TESOL qualified! Study with us for an award-winning TESOL Course that has been studied by over 26 000 TESOL teachers globally. Fill out your details below for a no-obligation discovery session to learn about our TESOL Course with Online Tutoring Elective to learn how to teach TESOL English online and get the Online English Teaching job that you deserve.

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