How to Become an Online English Teacher in 2020

The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL Australia.

It’s becoming common to do online tutoring, because it’s good to earn extra money or have a career change. As an online tutor, you can teach English through Skype or Zoom or online software platforms.

For the students and teachers, it’s convenient to learn online because neither party has to commute to learn English. Learning English online is especially common in Asian countries such as China. The demand for English learning worldwide is rising exponentially each year and is currently a $63 billion-dollar industry. It is common for kids and teenagers to learn general English online after school. It is common for adults to learn specialised English, such as Business, and IELTS exam preparation English, after work or study. Therefore, peak times for teaching are 5PM-10PM Beijing Time on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.

The ways to become an online tutor:

  • Tutoring company… It’s good for who prefer to work for a few hours a week.
  • Freelancer… Using freelance platforms – everything is decided between the tutor and students.
  • Tutoring business… You’ll be the owner, plan classes and lesson curriculum, and arrange payment.

The essentials:

  • TESOL certificate is the minimum requirement
  • Experience or our Online Tutor Elective gives your certification plus mock lesson experience
  • Fast internet connection 10-15 Mbps
  • Headphone with microphone and a webcam
  • Videoconferencing platform (Skype or Zoom)
  • Friendly, patient and punctual personality

Education requirement:

The minimum requirement to be an online English tutor is a TESOL Certificate because you will learn how to teach English as a Second Language effectively.

More importantly, you should study a TESOL course with 1 on 1 tutoring subjects to help you prepare for the online tutoring world. We offer both a specialised Online Tutoring and Private Tuition elective to ensure you are prepared and certified to teach English online.


  • Company- Based on credentials and experience, usually between $12 to $21 per hour
  • Own business – You can charge your own hourly rate based on ESL teaching niche. Some of our graduates earn up to $75 an hour teaching specialised English online.

Our online tutoring elective helps you determine and define your ESL teaching niche to earn the most money as an online tutor.

How to start:

  • Company – send resume, copies of TESOL certificates, and an application video. Then you will be invited to conduct a demo lesson (we teach you how to master your demo lesson and provide a video tutorial example).
  • Marketplace – Create a tutor profile online with video. Market your ESL teaching niche to earn the best hourly rate.
  • Own business – create website and advertise yourself. This is the most lucrative option. Our Online Tutoring Elective course teaches you how to start your own online tutoring business and market it.

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