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Topic: Review Writing

Level: Upper Intermediate

Age: 15-17 years

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Communicative, Macrologue, Opinionative writing, COPS Editing Strategy, Review writing

Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to practice writing opinions through two of the key writing skills – opinionative & review writing. The students will write in the format of a movie review in a column of a newspaper, and to practice writing in the format of a prescribed template structure. Their use of vocabulary will be assessed as well as how succinctly, clearly and creatively they write their opinionative review. The COPS Editing Strategy will be taught to ensure that students are aware of the importance of checking different aspects of their work separately.

Resources: Enough notepads & pens for the class; “Film Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Teaching 1: Opinionative Writing

Task 1: Ask students to think of a movie that they have watched recently. Ask the students on their own Macrologues to write down what they thought of the movie; did they like it? Did they like the ending? Did they like the main characters? What did they think of the actors in the movie? Did the plot make sense? Was the conclusion well done? Did the movie evoke any emotion? This task is designed to prompt students to state their own opinions on various examples of movies and give a supporting statement as to why they hold that opinion.

Teaching 2: Movie Review

Task 2: Provide students with the following template and ask them to choose the movie from Task 1 and the notes from their Macrologue to draft a review. Instruct students that this is only a draft, and point form is acceptable at this stage.

Follow this guide:
Title of the movie
Paragraph 1 You will need to include the following: name of the film, prominent stars of the film, basic setting ( time and place), and type of film ( comedy, adventure, drama, etc.)

Paragraph 2 You will need to write a plot summary for the movie. Do not reveal the ending. Discuss at least 5 events and be sure to cover the entire scope of the movie, except the very end.

Paragraph 3 Discuss one aspect of filmmaking. You may choose from acting, direction, editing, costume design, set design, photography, background music, or anything else you may think of. Be sure that you are specific and cite examples from the movie.

Paragraph 4 Discuss another aspect of filmmaking. You may choose from acting, direction, editing, costume design, set design, photography,

Teaching 3: COPS

Task 3: After the students have written their rough drafts using the above template have them exchange their work with another student. Provide students with the following worksheet that will allow them to check different aspects of each other’s writing separately:

The COPS Editing Strategy

Are the first words in each sentence as well as the proper names capitalized?
How is the overall appearance and readability? (think about spacing, how readable it is, how neat it is, and whether complete sentences are used)
Is this correct?
Is this correct?

Follow-up: Students are to hand back each other’s work and review what was circled and commented on. Teacher to discuss the importance of checking work each time.

Homework: Students are to write up their review using the template provided, their Macrologues and drafts to produce a movie review in the style of a newspaper column. Provide students with the link to “Film Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” to help them see how a journalistic style of review is written.

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