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By February 26, 2020ESL Lesson Plans

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Topic: Research and schedule appropriate Hotel room

Level: Intermediate

Age: Adult

Length: 60 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Eclectic Approach: slide show and matching picture cards, brainstorm, worksheet, pair work, article reading

Language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to make a decision on the best room for their directors to stay and work in based on pre-determined constraints such as work requirements and availability

Resources: Screen and projector, computer, stationery, whiteboard and markers, multiple-choice worksheet, Type A and Type B prompt cards, reference sheet

Display on the board or screen a slide-show of CEO office scenes. Images of businesspeople working with obvious focus on resources required i.e. Desks, chairs, power points, phones, printers, lighting, tea prep, data connection

Teaching 1: Teacher stands in front of the class and explains brainstorm task. How the class will start with a topic and call out all related ideas that come to mind. The topic in mind in this lesson is ‘Your boss and their work’ and ‘Hotel rooms’. The teacher can add or explain new vocabulary as it comes up. Use the slide show images from pre-task to inspire.

Task 1: Students contribute to two brainstorms one on their boss and work and the second on hotel rooms. The two brainstorms can interconnect at points. The teacher will be able to determine existing vocabulary knowledge and gets students to think about what their boss does, how they work and what they need to perform their job.

Teaching 2: Teacher reads out loud ‘Rooms that work’ article three times. Read once before worksheet distributed and twice afterwards to allow students time to read the questions and pick the correct answer. The teacher explains worksheet is a multiple choice answer exercise where the student has to pick the correct answer out of four choices.

Task 2: Students listen to the article read, then complete a multiple-choice question worksheet that asks for specific details such as “what features are available in this room”, “how much is this room per night”. (refer to resources below) BUSINESS ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT KYLIE DOUGLASS

Teaching 3: Teacher writes on the whiteboard general question and answer phrases used to ask about features in a Hotel room and its availability. Teacher distributes prompt cards Type A and Type B and reference sheets (refer to resources below) to students and explains that in pairs students will ask each other questions and answer to find out information.

Task 3: Students in pairs use Type A and Type B prompt cards, reference sheets and refer to the whiteboard for prompts to ask and answer about a business Hotel room. To increase difficulty once students get the hang of it to make pairs face away from each other as if on the phone.

Follow-up: Teacher distributes ‘Rooms that work’ article for students to read and self-check answers from multiple choice worksheet. Go through with class and check answers.

Reference sheets:
Definitions and commonly used vocabulary from Business or Hotel situations
Examples: (Note this list would increase and include relevant items according to the students’ needs. Besides definitions it could also include issues for the students to consider in real life)
Wi-Fi/ data internet connection required to send emails and search the web
Printer and photocopier usually considered one machine. A printer produces paper documents from a computer or digital form. A photocopier prints out paper documents as a copy of another paper document
Fax transmission of a paper document by telephone line. Usually combined in one machine with a printer
Desk/ workstation What size is the space you can use to work? Will it fit both a laptop and space to write if needed?
Power points What type of connection and what is the voltage, is it compatible with your technology?

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