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Topic: Movies

Level: Intermediate

Age: 15-18 years

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Communicative Approach, Macrologue, movie review, and drawing activity

Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Lesson Objectives: Students are able to discuss themes and ideas used in film and express their own opinion on the film.

Resources: Overhead projector, DVD player, pack of blank paper

Warm-up (optional): Share with students the title of my personal favourite film and why it is my favourite. Ask students to share their favourite movies and reasons why.

Pre-task (optional):
Show students short film

Teaching 1: Arrange students in a circle to discuss what the film was about, the themes used, ideas, setting etc. Record the discussion using a Macrologue.

Task 1: Complete Macrologue

Teaching 2: Students remain in the circle. Initially express own opinion on the film, stating whether I liked the film or not. Draw on the board a table divided into two columns, one for comments favouring the film and the other for comments disliking the film. Students are each asked to express their own opinion with a comment as to why they did or did not like the film. Students share the role of being scribe, writing comments in the table. Votes are tallied to get overall class consensus.

Task 2: Students take turns expressing their opinion. Students share the scribe role.

Teaching 3: Place students into pairs and explain the drawing activity. Students must draw pictures related to the film.

Task 3: Students play a drawing game. The pair with the best drawing replications receives a prize.

Follow-up: On the board write a final class review of the film to be published on movie review website with students assisting in how the review is written.

Homework: Ask students to write a review of their own on their favourite movie using the class review as an example of how to format the review. A review must also have a star rating out of 10 using drawn stars.


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