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By February 19, 2020ESL Lesson Plans

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Topic: Jungle animals

Level: Beginner

Age: 7 years

Length: 45 minutes

Language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to identify and say the names of five jungle animals

TESOL Methodology: Lexical Approach, game, flashcards, game, worksheet, game

Resources: Ball, stereo, little drum, flashcards, game, worksheet

Warm-up: Ball throw game. Students throw the ball to one another. When a student has the ball they say ‘My name is _____’ and ‘His/her name is ______’ and pass the ball to the next person who repeats with their own name in the first phrase and says the name of the person who threw the ball to them.

Play ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ in the background. Stick flashcards of a lion, tiger, elephant, monkey and bear to the board. Position little drum near the teacher.

Teaching 1: Point to a flashcard and say the name of the animal x 5 slowly. From the third time you repeat the animal, play the drum to each syllable so students can get accustomed to the sound emphasis.

Task 1: Gesture to the class to repeat in the choral drill, play the drum. Pass the drum to each student randomly and ask them to repeat while playing the drum to each syllable.

Teaching 2: Four Corners Game. Stick flashcards of animals to five different areas of the classroom. Ask the class to split up and choose an animal area. Provide an example by gesturing for students to pick an animal and go to that area. Then close eyes and start counting to 10. On the count of 10 shouts, the name of an animal and the students standing in that animal area are out. Motion to the students standing in that area that they are out.

Task 2: Select a student to be the counter. Play Four Corners. Repeat until only one student left who is the winner.

Teaching 3: Match the picture worksheet. Demonstrate to the class to connect the word with the correct animal picture.

Task 3: Students complete worksheets

Follow-up: Guess the animal game. Teacher chooses a flashcard and gives three hints to the students. For example 1. I am very big 2. I have big ears 3. I have a very long nose. Use gestures such as making a big nose motion from your nose to depict an elephant or point to your ears. Students have to guess the animal.

Homework: Word search worksheet. Find the names of the animals.

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