FREE ESL Lesson Plan- Idioms in a Business Situation

By February 27, 2020ESL Lesson Plans

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Topic: Idioms in a Business situation

Level: Intermediate

Age: 18 years +

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Eclectic Approach, Discussion, Worksheets, Role-play, Youtube clip, discussion, Micrologue (homework)

Language Skills: Speaking, Reading, Writing

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to identify and use five idioms in a business situation

Resources: Whiteboard, Markers, Worksheets, Youtube clip

Pre-task (optional):
The teacher explains to the class about the different types of idioms that are used in a business situation.

Teaching 1: The teacher then writes five business idioms i.e. ‘Deliver the goods’ on the whiteboard. Explains to the students that they have to write what they think the real meanings of the phrases are.

Task 1: Students write down on the worksheets what they think the meanings of the five idioms are.

Teaching 2: The class then has a discussion about what the meanings of the idioms are. The teacher then gives the answers to the five idioms. The teacher then splits the class up into groups and assigns an idiom to a student in the group.

Task 2: Role play- Students are then put into groups of five. And act out an office situation where they will use each of the idioms in a sentence as if they were in an office conversation.

Teaching 3: You tube clip ‘Funny business video stuff managers say’ The teacher then explains that there might be a few idioms and that they have to listen out for them.

Task 3: Students watch the short youtube clip and write down what idioms they might have heard.

Follow-up: Class discussion about the video and the students share what they think might be business idioms.

Home-work: Students create Micrologues using the five idioms learnt in throughout the lesson.

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