FREE ESL Lesson Plan- Hearth, Grammar: Simple Present Tense, Be and Have

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Topic: Health. Grammar: simple present tense, be and have

Vocabulary: Parts of the body, symptoms for basic ailments: ache, sore, pain in my…..

Pronunciation: Suffix ache

Level: Intermediate

Age: 18 years +

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Communicative Approach, Warm-up, Pre-task, dialogue, group reading, group discussions, activity sheets.

Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Lesson Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to describe symptoms to medical professionals

Resources: Hand outs, black board,

Warm-Up: Whole-class discussion on the picture that shows patient talking to a doctor. Play a quick game, the teacher asks students yes/no questions about the picture. For example: is the patient doing? Is the patient sitting on the floor?

Put up a silhouette of a man. Name him; give him a back-story with student’s suggestions. Then, tell the class that he’s going to the doctor because he has a pain in his foot. (Have class suggest how he got the pain). Tell the class the objective of the lesson and explain the meaning of words to students.

Teaching 1: Teacher presents a dialogue between the man and his doctor that includes pain in the foot symptom and the possible reason for the pain reason due to dancing all night. The doctor recommends resting the feet. The teacher asks students to suggest how he may have hurt his foot.

Task 1: Students volunteer to make up new sentences of symptoms.

Teaching 2: Reading and comprehension activity. Teacher hands out the reading passage; Common Cold and Flu to students to read and then answer the questions.

Task 2: Students to complete reading activity worksheet.

Teaching 3: Teacher demonstrate role play the use of simple present tense: be and have. Ask students to form groups of 4 to make sentences based on the photo of a man being examined by a doctor. E.g.
• Sam tells the doctor his symptoms. He has a back-ache and a sore shoulder
• A doctor examines Sam and tells him “you don’t have a fever, take Panadol and get rest”
• Sam must be sick to visit the doctor’s office
• His back is always sore, he may have injured his spine

Task 3: Students form sentences and each group to present to the class.

Follow up: Students to source at least two different websites related to health, doctor-patient conversations and questions to the next lesson.

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