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FREE ESL Lesson Plan- Food

By March 8, 2020ESL Lesson Plans

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Topic: Food

Level: Upper-beginner

Age: 10-12 years

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Eclectic Approach, word groups, audio, video podcast, flashcards, song, writing, colouring, art

Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Lesson Objectives: Students will recognise and associate food items with their name and suitable pronunciation to their learning level. Students will appear confident in discussing their likes and dislikes.

Resources: English Food lesson video podcast; Cards containing the written word of a fruit or vegetable; writing, drawing and colouring implements; whiteboard and whiteboard markers; Food Song via YouTube link set up; Flashcards with images of lesson foods; Information on homework activity

Have lesson materials in order of teaching and video and song links prepared.

Teaching 1: Learn English video: food lesson ( A podcast about foods you like and dislike and about quantities – Video length: 5:37 minutes.

Task 1: The teacher reads through to the class the video transcript, which describes the study points and lesson plan of Listen, Learn, Try. The teacher then reads the transcript contents of the lesson and describes the meaning of words and expressions used to enhance understanding of the video. The children then watch the video and afterwards discuss the video as a class group and answer questions to clarify any misinterpretations.

Teaching 2: Word and picture association Game: Fruit and Vegetables

Task 2: Under each vegetable/fruit written word, draw and colour the food image. Then copy and write the associated word under your drawings. The teacher can then choose interested students to write their word/s on the whiteboard for other students to repeat three times as time permits or words are completed.

Teaching 3: Food Song (

Task 3: The students watch and listen to the food song and then sing along with the video. After the video, the students can discuss their likes and dislikes of food varieties in pairs.

Follow-up: Run to the Flashcard’s game: Flashcards of learning foods are placed on the floor around the room. The children run to the flashcard, which displays the foods covered in the lesson.

Homework: Food collage – Each student looks through magazines to find food images and cuts these out to fit into their personal art collage. This can also include words associated with foods. The students can then show and tell their art in the following lesson if they wish as a previous lesson review.

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