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FREE ESL Lesson Plan- Booking Business Accommodation

By March 6, 2020ESL Lesson Plans

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Topic: Booking Business Accommodation

Level: Intermediate

Age: 16 years +

Length: 30 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Communicative Approach/Eclectic Approach, worksheet, vocabulary sheet, role-play in pairs

Language Skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing

Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to talk about business accommodation requirements and book hotel accommodation via telephone.

Resources: “Rooms that Work” article by Lori Lincoln, activity sheet (“email from Director”)

Pre-task (optional):
List unfamiliar vocabulary on board from “Rooms that Work” article, and discuss with the class. Provide vocabulary sheets.

Teaching 1: Students to take turns reading passages from “Rooms That Work” article out loud. Teacher to clarify any unfamiliar words from the article. Provide students with ’email from director’ worksheet outlining room requirements.

Task 1: Ask students to use the email information to identify which room would be suitable for the Directors’ requirements. Students to record which hotel is most suitable and why. The teacher will ask for a show of hands for who selected which of the 6 hotel options, and some students will be selected to tell the class why they made their particular choice.

Teaching 2: Teacher to read out a list of requirements for a hotel room booking to the class while students listen. The teacher will repeat, and students are to write down these requirements.

Task 2: Students, in pairs, role-play ‘calling’ a hotel and practice explaining the requirements they recorded, asking what facilities are available, and booking a room ‘on the phone’. One learner is the caller, and the other is hotel reception. Learners then switch roles. Each pair presents to the class.

Follow-up: Ask students to compose a reply email to the Managing Director, confirming which hotel has been booked, the check-in and out dates/times, and facilities available for the room.

Homework: Use any English language Accommodation Booking website to research hotels available for [date], in [location], with a budget of [$]. Advise that next lesson, students will discuss their findings, which hotel they would book, and why.

RESOURCE: Handout (Email from Managing Director)

From: Managing Director, John Smith
To: Secretary
Subject: Accommodation Booking

Good Morning,

I need you to arrange accommodation for myself and the three other Directors for our Technology Conference next month in New York (8th & 42nd Street, at the David Harriman Building for Commerce).

The conference is from 6 – 10 January, however, we will arrive the morning before. Our return flight on 11 January is not until late evening, so please arrange for checkout as late as possible.

We require internet services, as well as access to printing, faxing, and calls within the New York/Manhattan area. The four of us will need to meet daily to review figures. Breakfast is not provided at the conference, so please make breakfast arrangements as well.

You can email us the booking details directly.

Kind regards,

John Smith
Managing Director

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