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Topic: Body parts

Level: Beginner

Age: 8-9 years

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Eclectic Approach (Lexical, TPR) flashcards, song, game, game, worksheet

Language Skills: Listening, Speaking

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to identify the body parts head, hand, arm, leg and foot and say the names of each body part.

Resources: Stereo, flashcards, worksheets

Play the Hokey-Pokey in the background. Stick flash cards of body parts to the board.

Teaching 1: Hold up a flashcard and say the name of the body part x 5 slowly

Task 1: Ask students to repeat the name on the flashcard x 5 in choral drill then ask different students to say the name on the flashcard. Mix the flashcards up going a little faster and ask the class together to say the name.

Teaching 2: The Hokey-Pokey. Arrange the class into a circle. First, play the song to the students emphasising the body parts. Repeat the verse at least three times so students get the hang of the song.

Task 2: Play the song with students now doing movements.

Teaching 3: Parts of the body memory race. Divide the class into two lines. Stand at the front of the class and point to a body part or say the name of 5-10 body parts. The students in line should say the body parts in order. The first student should say the name of the first body part mentioned, then the 2nd student inline the 2nd body part mentioned, and so on. Students who said the order of the body part correctly may sit down and watch the rest of the game The student who couldn’t guess the body part first goes to the back of the line to repeat the task.

Task 3: Play Parts of the body memory race.

Follow-up: Simon Says game. Demonstrate Simon Says game to students by touching the body part that Simon Says eg. Simon says touch your head. Start by demonstrating but slowly ease off doing the action yourself so that students need to think for themselves.

Homework: Fill in the blank worksheet. This worksheet has pictures that relate to a certain part of the body and fill in the blank sentence describing the action in the picture. Eg. The hat goes on my _________.

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