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Topic: Animals

Level: Beginner. Students may speak a little; will try to distinguish one word from another in spoken English; may repeat phrases and questions rather than responding to them. They cannot typically read or write in English and have little or no sight word recognition. Beginner students may recognize some letters but have trouble pronouncing them.

Age: 6-8 years

Length: 45 minutes (with 10-minute physical activity outside the classroom)

TESOL Methodology: Eclectic Approach, flashcards, games, poster drawings, games and song

Language Skills: Listening, Speaking

Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to make the sounds of well-known animals; point to the correct image flashcard when the sound is made showing visual-sound recognition and image association. Students will be able to verbally name the animals on the flashcards by the end of the lesson.

Resources: Using flashcards (downloaded from, CD player, poster drawings (downloaded from and songs (‘Old McDonald’ downloaded from

Have a CD player ready with “Old McDonald” to play. Have flashcards stuck to different walls around the classroom? Have big poster drawings of animals laid out across the front of the classroom.

Teaching 1: Have children sit on floor in front of the classroom and point to each individual flashcard around the room, making the sound of that animal 5x.

Task 1: Students repeat the sound of the animals on the flashcards 5x. Then choose one of the best students, point to a flashcard and motion them to make the sound of that animal 5x (choral drill).

Teaching 2: Students gather around poster drawings of large animals on the floor. Teacher says out loud the name of ‘cow’, ‘dog’, ‘sheep,’ ‘fish’ and ‘cat’ 5x while always pointing to poster.

Task 2: Motion to students to name each poster drawing animal 5x, then choosing one student at random to do the same,

Teaching 3: Take students outside with portable CD player to a grassy area, and sing the chorus of ‘Old McDonald’ to them 5x.

Task 3: Ask students to try to sing along 5x with you.

Follow-up: Take the flashcards outside with you. Place them around the grass. Play ‘run to the flashcard’ for 5-10minutes with the teacher making the sound of the animal and letting the students run to each flashcard.

Homework: Have one flashcard for each student printed for them to take home with them. When they return the next day, the student will be asked to make the sound of that animal, and name the animal as well.

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