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FREE ESL Lesson Plan- Animals

By February 29, 2020ESL Lesson Plans

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Topic: Animals

Level: Beginner

Age: Children

Length: 45 minute

TESOL Methodology: Warm-up, flashcards, worksheet, game, follow up

Learning Skills: Speaking, Listening

Lesson Objectives: Students are able to recognize the five animals and read and pronounce their name

Resources: Flashcards, worksheet

Warm-up: Play a quick game of ‘Simon Says’ with the students to focus them for the class ahead

Teaching 1: Create flashcards for each animal (Dolphin, turtle, seahorse, shark, jellyfish) along with the word of the animal on a separate piece of paper that can be attached to the picture card. Hold each card and matching word up and say it to the students 5x, then say the word and have them repeat it 5x

Task 1: Students listen and then repeat the correct word in a loud and clear voice.

Teaching 2: Hand out a worksheet to students face down. Explain to the students how to play by joining the word shark and the picture of the shark with a line.

Task 2: Students complete worksheet. Teacher marks it.

Teaching 3: Stick flashcards onto the board in front of the class with the matching words underneath the picture. By pointing one by one to the pictures, perform a movement to match the animal. Go through it once by yourself, then have the students join in. Once everyone is comfortable with the actions, have the students line up in two lines. Take the flashcards off the board now and leave the words up there. Demonstrate game by pulling a card out at random, and performing as quickly as possible the matching action. Explain to students it is a race to be the quickest. You can increase the difficulty of the game by asking students to say the matching word as well as the action. Each line is a team; encourage team enthusiasm and positive competitiveness.

Task 3: Students are to race each other one on one, to complete the matching action to the animal picture that is shown in front of them.

Follow up: With the pictures up on the board, point to one and have students say the correct name and perform the correct action for it. Go through all of them in a random order a few times, to ensure students are comfortable with the names.

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