FREE ESL Activity Worksheet – Beginner Level

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1. Which is the verb word in the following sentence?

The dog chewed his bone in the back yard.

2. Which are noun words in this sentence?

My sister danced at her school concert.

3. Which is the correct word for the space provided?

I __________ (done/did) my homework last night.

4. Can you name the following image and then write the word?

5. Which is the adjective word in the sentence below?

The hungry dingo ate the sheep.

6. Can you unravel the following word, and then discuss with your partner or group what the word means to you?


7. Can you fill the word for the images in the sentence below?

The chased the before fetching the .

8. What time is it one the clock face below?

9. Can you name and write in the missing numbers for the spaces below?

1. One

2. _____

3. Three

4. _____

5. _____


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