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Free ESL Activity – Business Terminology

By November 29, 2018ESL Lesson Plans

Free ESL activity – Business Terminology

This is a handy activity to prepare your Business English students for the business environment.

ATA FREE ESL ACTIVITY - Business EnglishTopic: Communicative activity for upper intermediate students on Business terminology.

Level: Upper Intermediate

Six phrases –Bring to the table, ramp up, wet signature, touch base, deliverables, best practice

TESOL Methodology: Communicative Approach – introduction, interview asking and answering questions

Language Skills: Listening and speaking

Activity Objectives: Students will be able to understand the meaning of 6 Business terminology phrases by responding correctly to questions as if in a job interview situation.


Teaching: Teacher will present and define the six phrases above as used in Business situations. Can use pictures, role-play or video clips to explain. Teacher then distributes Person A and Person B prompt cards and explains to students that in pairs they will role-play a job interview situation. Person A as the interviewer needs to ask questions of person B including each Business jargon phrase (prompt cards can provide helpful hints or the full sentence as needed). Person B as the interviewee will respond to the questions appropriately (prompt cards can outline clues or starting points or full sentences).



1) Bring to the table – what is given or presented (skills, resources)

2) Ramp up – increase production or time spent

3) Wet signature – hand written signature as opposed to a computer written signature

4) Touch base – get feedback or discuss

5) Deliverables – what needs to be achieved or submitted

6) Best practice – what is the most efficient method or technique to achieve an outcome


Task: Students in pairs will participate in job interview role-play. Person A as interviewer will ask questions and Person B as interviewee will respond appropriately.


Person A Prompt Cards

 Introductions and greetings

 Describe business and position available

 Question 1: What do you bring to the table that applies to this role?

 Question 2: We are about to ramp up over the Christmas period, what are your thoughts?

 Question 3: In your experience what is the best practice for working in the available role?

 Question 4: We have a few deliverables needed before moving onto the next stage of our current project, how can you help?

 Question 5: Thank you for coming in today we will consider your application and hope to touch base with you later, when are you available?

 Question 6: We’ll need your wet signature to complete the contract, when are you available?

 Note Question 5 and 6 can be interchanged based on interviewer’s opinion on suitability of person B based on their responses.


Person B Prompt Cards

 Introductions and greetings

 Note prompt cards can supply clues on job position and applicable skills or not so applicable skills as options

 Question 1 response: I am skilled in…

 Question 2 responses: I am going away for Christmas I can’t work overtime. I would be happy to work extra hours I haven’t made any plans over Christmas

 Question 3 responses: The best method is to work efficiently, plan and learn from your mistakes. I don’t know.

 Question 4 responses: I can help you with your submission, my skills in… will enable me to help. My skills are lacking there.

 Question 5 responses: I am available to come in next week. This role is not what I am looking for.

 Question 6 responses: I am available to come in next week. This role is not what I am looking for.


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