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Coles Little Shop Minis Aussie English Lesson Plan – Free ESL Lesson Plan

By July 30, 2019ESL Lesson Plans
Coles Little Shop Minis Lesson Plan

Coles Little Shop Minis Lesson Plan

Topic: Aussie English Terminology for Supermarket Shopping
Level: Intermediate
Age: 10 – 15 years old
Length: 45 minutes
TESOL Methodology: Eclectic approach
Language Skills: Listening, reading, writing, speaking
Lesson Objectives: Students will be able learn about Australian Supermarket Shopping using the Coles Little Shop Minis. Students will be able to identify the products, participate in a role-play, and complete written activities about comparing Australian products to products in their country.
Resources: Coles Little Shop Minis

Pre-task: Show the students the Coles Minis and have them pass them around. Explain that these are mini (small) versions of the items that Australians purchase in the supermarket.

Teaching 1: Introduce the word “supermarket”. Explain that this is the Australian English word for grocery store or market. Introduce common products that Australians buy by presenting the Coles minis that you have chosen to teach in that lesson.
Task 1: Have the students repeat each brand and item type. E.g. Kleenex (brand) Toilet Paper (Item Type) at least 3 times.

Teaching 2: Explain the game. Separate students into pairs. Give them 2 Minis per pair. Have the students identify the two minis they have to each other. Make each student take turns saying one mini and the other student must hold up the correct Coles Little Shop Mini. Swap.
Task 2: Have the students play the game then swap their minis with other pairs and repeat.

Teaching 3: Have the students write a supermarket shopping roleplay using the minis in pairs. One student will be the checkout cashier and one person will be the shopper. Have the students take turns asking the cashier for certain items based on the minis.
Task 3: Present the roleplay to the class.

Follow-up: Ask the students to write down the brands of comparable products that they buy in their country. This is to reinforce the types of products that are commonly bought when supermarket shopping and will allow them to associate our brands with their brands. Students should present their comparable brands at the start of the following class.

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