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How to Choose a TESOL Course in 2021

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The best way to start your English TESOL teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL Australia.

Choosing a TESOL course in 2021 can be a hard decision with many on the market. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our TESOL courses meet and exceed the expectations of ESL employers worldwide. We are job outcome and student-focussed, making sure that you get the best TESOL certificate and the best job after graduation. To help you make the right decision, here are the 5 most important points to look for when choosing a TESOL or TEFL Course.

Company History

    Look for a TESOL course provider that is established and has a long history in TESOL training. Company history gives you confidence that the college is reputable and has a lot of experience in the TESOL industry.

  • ATA TESOL College Australia was founded in 2003. We have been Australia’s largest, private TESOL course provider for over 18 years, with 26000 students & graduates in Australia and worldwide. Our sole focus is TESOL training to ensure that we can provide the most high-quality TESOL courses for our students.
  • Staff have over 25 years ESL industry experience. Our trainers, mentors, and support staff are experts in the ESL industry with over 25 years experience as TESOL teachers, trainers, and employers. Therefore, your whole experience with ATA TESOL College has been developed with expertise and excellence in mind.

Student Support Team

    Look for a TESOL Course Provider that has a dedicated Student Support Team. As a TESOL teacher in training, a Student Support Team, that can provide expert advice, is vital to ensure you are supported throughout your learning journey.

  • We pride ourselves on our Student Support Team. With over 25 years of experience, we want the best for you and your TESOL career.
  • We provide dedicated job support and a closed Facebook Job Group to get access to our exclusive Online Tutoring Jobs direct from our industry employer contacts.
  • Our team is based in Australia & accessible via multiple channels worldwide.

Areas of Study

It’s important to choose a TESOL Course Provider with a lot of different areas of study. These areas of study allow you to study based on your interests, teaching niches, and give you a competitive edge when job hunting.

  • ATA has 12 Specialist Areas of Study called Electives. We have the most areas of study on the market!
  • Our most popular are Online Tutoring, Private Tuition, Business English & IELTS & TOEFL Preparation
  • Having more areas of study gives you a competitive edge when job hunting for TESOL jobs.
  • Graduate Outcomes

      There are many ways you can use your TESOL Certification. Here are some of the ways our graduates have used their TESOL qualification:

    • Teach English as a TESOL Teacher Overseas. Please refer to Smart Traveller for current travel information.
    • Teach English Online as an Online TESOL Tutor. Our unique Online Tutoring Elective will get you ready for the online teaching industry.
    • Tutor Locally. Use your international TESOL Certificate to tutor international students locally in your home country or in the country you are teaching overseas in.
    • Homestay Tutor. Use your international TESOL Certificate to host and tutor international students wanting to learn English.
    • Volunteer Teaching. Volunteer as a TESOL teacher overseas and online.

    Student Community Reviews

      We pride ourselves on our high-quality TESOL courses and our great student reviews speak for themselves.

    • 5 star rating on Facebook.
    • TESOL Course Review TEFL TESOL

    • 4.7 star rating on Google.

      Speak to our industry expert and get professional course and career advice now


      Make sure to contact us to find out about TESOL courses in Australia.
      Or call 1300 723 928 and email our TESOL expert to find out more today!

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      How to Become an Online English TESOL Teacher in 2021

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      The best way to start your English TESOL teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL Australia.

      It’s becoming common to do online tutoring, because it’s a good way to earn extra money or start a new career. As an online TESOL English tutor, you can teach English through popular videoconferencing programs such as Skype or Zoom, or online through privately developed platforms for online English schools.

      For the students and teachers, it’s convenient to learn and teach online because neither party has to commute for class. Learning English online is especially common in Asian countries, such as China and Japan. The demand for English learning worldwide is rising exponentially each year and the ESL industry is currently a $63 billion-dollar industry. It is common for kids and teenagers to learn general English online after school. It is common for adults to learn specialised English, such as Business English, and IELTS exam preparation English, after work or study. Therefore, peak times for teaching are 5PM-10PM Beijing Time on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday.

      Three ways to become an online TESOL English tutor:

      • Tutoring company. There are a lot of online English language schools. Teaching for an established online English school is good for people who want to follow a school’s curriculum and student booking system. There is less flexibility when teaching with an online school.
      • Freelancer. Using freelance websites – everything is decided between you, as the English tutor, and your students. Some freelance websites provide curriculums and some teaching structure so this is a good option for TESOL teachers that want some flexiblity and some structure.
      • Tutoring business. Starting your own business has never been so straightforward. There are many tools to help you start your own website, plan your own curriculum, find your students, set your own times, and arrange your own salary. Take control of your future, be your own boss, and start your own online tutoring website today.

      What do you need to become an Online TESOL English Teacher?

      • A TESOL certificate is the minimum requirement
      • Stand out in the competitive market by studying our Online Tutoring Elective. This elective teaches you all of the ins and outs of teaching English online. Graduate with certification for your resume, get experience with our practical demo lesson assessment, and get access to our exclusive Online Tutoring Jobs.
      • A Fast internet connection is recommended
      • A headphone with a microphone and a webcam
      • Access to a computer with videoconferencing software (Skype and Zoom are most popular)
      • A friendly, patient, and punctual personality. We teach you all of the tip and tricks to be the best online TESOL teacher in our Online Tutoring Elective.

      Education Requirement

      The minimum requirement to be an online TESOL English tutor is a TESOL Certificate because you will learn how to teach English as a Second Language effectively.

      It’s important to study a TESOL course with 1 on 1 tutoring subjects to help you prepare for the online tutoring world. The online TESOL teaching industry requires additional teaching methods that aren’t taught during other TESOL courses which predominantly focus on classroom teaching. We offer both a specialised Online Tutoring Elective and a Private Tuition elective to ensure you are prepared and certified to teach English in a one on one setting online. These electives provide you with a transcript to add to your resume so when you, as a TESOL teacher, are applying for a job, you will stand out from the others.


      • Company – Based on your credentials and experience, usually between $12 to $30 USD per hour
      • Own business – You can charge your own hourly rate based on your ESL teaching niche. Some of our graduates earn up to $75 an hour teaching specialised English online.

      Our online tutoring elective helps you determine and define your ESL teaching niche to earn the most money as an online tutor.

      How to start

        Get TESOL qualified! Study with us for an award-winning TESOL Course that has been studied by over 26 000 TESOL teachers globally. Fill out your details below for a no-obligation discovery session to learn about our TESOL Course with Online Tutoring Elective to learn how to teach TESOL English online and get the Online English Teaching job that you deserve.

          Speak to our industry expert and get professional course and career advice now


          Make sure to contact us to find out about TESOL courses in Australia.
          Or call 1300 723 928 and email our TESOL expert to find out more today!

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        5 Easy Steps To Take Action in 2020

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        “You cannot begin, until you begin.”
        ― Tony Cleaver
        “A little action often spurs a lot of momentum.”
        ― Noah Scalin
        “Start before you’re ready.”
        ― Steven Pressfield

        5 Easy Steps To Take Action in 2020

        1) Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

        Have you heard that saying, “nothing great comes from comfort zones”. It’s true.

        – Travel and working overseas is the best way to refresh your surroundings and step out of your comfort zone. Most of our 25 000 graduates said that their lives changed for the best after becoming a TESOL teacher and starting the overseas English teaching career. 

        2) Picture The Best Outcome

        What is your goal? Picture the best possible outcome of you achieving that goal. With that picture in mind, take the first step to help you achieve that goal.

        – If your goal is to travel the world. Picture the country you want to travel to. Picture sights you will see, the foods you will taste, and the people you will meet. Picture yourself living and working as a local in your dream destination. We are an outcome focused training college, so whatever your best outcome is, we will be here to help you achieve it. 

        3) Ask Questions

        Asking a question is still an action. Finding the appropriate information for your goals is just as important as making your goal.

        – Take the time to complete a consultation with us to help you focus your goals and map out the best pathway to achieve them. We have free TESOL career consultations for you. Simply call 0439 867 802 to start your no obligations consultation with us today. 

        4) Have Faith in Your Decision

        Making a decision and sticking to it is imperative to achieving your goals. When you question yourself and your decision, that’s when you give up. Don’t give up! You can do it.

        – Making the decision to join the ATA community will be beneficial for you and your journey. We are a supportive community that will ensure that you don’t give up. 

        5) Take Small Steps to Achieve Your Larger Goals

        The first step is always the hardest. But each step after that gets easier and easier as you develop a rhythm.

        – The first and easiest step to take in your TESOL career is to simply enroll.

        Ready to take action? Organise a FREE consultation with us now.

        Why you need international work experience on your resume in 2020

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        International Work Experience for your RESUME

        Do you want to travel all over the world for exciting experiences such as delicious food, exotic culture and adventure?

        But during your vacation, you don’t have enough time to complete all of your bucket list?

        Are you concerned about how your extended trip will be regarded on your resume?

        Or you have you finished your life-time trip but still don’t know how to include your international experience on your resume?

        Don’t worry, we have you covered!

        Even though many people dream of traveling world, most of them hesitate to put it into action because they are worried about an extended gap in their resume and the impact it may have on their future career.

        However, with a change of globalization, many employers now actually prefer candidates with international experience. Your international experience can be used to make your resume outstanding from others with a little thought and tips.

        Plus, choosing a career with global travel opportunities, like becoming a TESOL teacher with us, means that you won’t have any gaps on your resume.

        You will be working and travelling in an industry that has endless future career opportunities and practical skills that can be applied in any future workplace. All of these skills will put you and your resume ahead of the others.

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        Are Cheap TESOL Courses Too Good to be True?

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        Are Cheap TESOL Courses Too Good to Be True

        Choosing the correct TESOL course is vital to ensure you start your career with the best training, qualifications and skills to find the ESL teaching position that you want. Job support and quality training materials are key to employability and employment is the outcome of your TESOL studies. It’s not worth enrolling in a cheap TESOL or TEFL course to save money initially, only to realise that the cheap course does not qualify you or correctly prepare you for the ESL teaching classroom and does not provide any educational or ESL job support. You will end up saving time and money in the long run by choosing a reputable and award-winning TESOL college like ATA TESOL College from the very beginning.

        Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a TESOL course:

        1. Buying cheap TESOL or TEFL courses from international companies, Groupon, or other group-buying sites

        Did you know that to sell on Groupon and other discount sites, TESOL/TEFL Schools must reduce their price and then give up to 50% of the profit to that discount site. At those prices, it isn’t possible for that school to offer the high level and quality of ESL job support, tutor support, and educational quality that a reputable provider like ATA TESOL College can offer.

        TESOL and TEFL courses are like anything else – if their price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

        2. Choosing a TESOL course that does not meet international employability standards

        Taking a course that is not developed based upon graduate employability will hinder your employment opportunities and earning potential when teaching ESL overseas, online, and locally.

        Reputable schools overseas and online require you to have a TESOL certificate.

        With a TESOL certificate you will have higher employability and earning potential because you will be qualified to teach English overseas. You wouldn’t hire an electrician without an electrical license, so why would an English Language School hire an English teacher without an International TESOL Teacher’s License?! The answer, a reputable school wouldn’t.

        Our ATA TESOL Courses have been developed by TESOL qualified educators who have taught overseas in the industry for a combined 25 years. Therefore, they know what schools are looking for when they hire teachers and they developed and wrote our course materials from scratch to make sure you have all the skills as an ATA TESOL qualified ESL Teacher to meet and exceed the international employability standards. Our TESOL graduates are employed by some of the largest English language schools in the world including, the Jinan Education Board in Australia, Berlitz, HESS Taiwan, English First, and more.

        3. Signing up for a TESOL course purely based on the “cheapest” price

        Only seeing the initial financial cost of a TESOL or TEFL course limits the quality of your education and support which will limit your employability and earning potential outcomes. Cheap TESOL and TEFL courses are merely certificate factories that have limited personal service and interaction resulting in a lack of support and feedback. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the TESOL training industry and therefore, we have exclusive industry contacts that we have formed a relationship with for over 16 years. These contacts are priceless and our level of service coupled with our lifetime ESL job support guarantee is unbeatable in the industry.

        Here are the 8 key reasons to choose a quality TESOL college:

        1) Partnerships
        We are the only private TESOL Course Provider to partner with Seek Learning, Australia’s largest employment website, since 2005. Seek is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Market and therefore, you can be assured that the quality of our TESOL training is second to none.

        2) Course Access
        The industry norm is 6 months’ access to TESOL and TEFL courses. ATA offers a 12 month timeframe to complete the TESOL course for every student, with lifetime access to your course materials and our unique lifetime ESL Job Support guarantee.

        3) Strengthen your ESL Niche
        We have the most industry electives on the market so you can develop your ESL teaching niche to become a specialist English Teacher. We also have the popular Online Tutoring and Private Tuition electives that increase your employability and earning potential.

        4) Employability
        Our qualifications were developed with employability and earning potential as the main factor for studies. Therefore, with higher earning potential you are able to recuperate your initial course costs after only a couple of months teaching overseas. Our trainers have even developed articles to give you tips on how to save and earn more money as an ESL teacher so you can start as soon as you graduate.
        TESOL Teacher Pays off $16000 Debt – Here’s How
        How to Earn More Money as a TESOL Teacher

        5) No Student Loans means No Debt
        Most university and VET sector courses will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, of which majority will become a debt you will have to pay off. So, choose our TESOL courses instead, because you can pay upfront or structure a part payment plan to suit your needs. This means that you will graduate without a student debt that you may never be able to pay off. Plus, you will earn back your course fees in as little as 2 months teaching overseas, or even faster when using our tips in the blog article below.
        How to Save Money as a TESOL Teacher

        6) Turn Your TESOL into a Business Opportunity
        ATA TESOL College prides itself on developing our graduates’ TESOL careers. Therefore, we have many graduates who have made businesses by using their TESOL certificates. Tutoring businesses are in high demand and are one of the most lucrative parts on the ESL industry. Therefore, make sure to choose ATA TESOL College, as we offer the industry-leading Private Tuition elective and Online Tutoring elective. These electives were developed to increase your employability and earning potential overseas, online, and locally.
        Check out the article below to find out more.
        Turn your ATA TESOL Certificate into a Business

        7) Exclusive Jobs from our ESL Industry Contacts
        We have over 25 000 graduates teaching ESL around the world, online, and locally. These graduates have opened their own schools around the world and knowing the value and quality of our TESOL courses, continually come back to us directly to recruit ATA graduates like themselves for their schools worldwide. We have these exclusive ESL industry contacts recruiting from us because they know that ATA TESOL qualified ESL teachers are leaders in the ESL teaching industry. To further support our students we have an exclusive Closed Facebook Group for ATA students and graduates only and our lifetime ESL Job Support Guarantee.

        8) No Hidden Cost for Job Support and Placements
        Many cheap TEFL and TESOL courses have hidden costs for job support and placements to make up for their initial cheap enrolment fees. This will end up costing you the same, if not more, to obtain your TESOL certificate and employment. And honestly, what good is a qualification if you get charged more to or can’t even use it.

        When choosing your TESOL course, remember that TESOL certificates vary in quality.
        Make sure to study with a highly rated and award-winning TESOL College like us.

        This way, you will have access to Australian support when you need help with your studies. Also, make sure that your TESOL college has industry contacts with schools overseas. Many TESOL schools have job boards where they post any job that they can find. We pride ourselves on being different and we have over 15 years of direct industry contacts with schools and corporations all around the world, so we can help you find the job for you. Once again, what good is a qualification if you can’t use it.

        The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
        Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
        Or email us at to find out more today!
        Want to learn how to choose the best TESOL Course? Email us today.

        TESOL Teacher pays off $16000 debt – Here’s How

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        TESOL Teacher pays off $16000 debt – Here’s How-ATA TESOL College

        There are numerous factors for the rising amount of debt in Western countries. Many countries cite wage growth slowdown and a rising cost of living as the primary reasons for an increase in household debt.

        An article from the ABC about ‘rising costs of living in Australia‘ states:

        ‘It’s impossible to even move out of home’ May said she was 27 and that about half of her friends were still living at home with their parents.

        One young couple, May and Ben, said they had been spending increasing amounts of their money on food, rent and transport.

        A retired couple from Switzerland, the country with the world’s highest living costs, said Australia was heading in the same direction as their own country citing Sydney is nearly as expensive as Switzerland now.

        A similar article highlights the struggles that ‘Canadians are facing to save money‘ as well:

        “Originally we were following the prescriptive path that our parents gave us, which is get a job, buy house, work until you’re 65, and retire,” Shen said. But exorbitant housing prices in Toronto made it impossible to follow that path.

        So, you want to know how to free yourself from this financially draining cycle and start paying off those debts?

        Become a TESOL teacher and join thousands of other ESL teachers around the world who are now financially free!

        Here’s some great examples of how TESOL teaching overseas can help you drastically reduce your cost of living, save money, and still travel.

        A car salesman making $30,000 a year quit his job to become an ESL teacher and was able to save more than 65 per cent of his salary. Or, Sarah decided to move overseas to pay down about $16,000 of credit-card and student-loan debt and still be able to travel.

        Her salary was about $35,000 a year, and her employer paid for housing, so she was able to drastically reduce her cost of living and put money toward her debt.
        She ended up loving her experience so much — and saving so much money — that she moved to China afterward to teach for another eight years.
        I bumped up my savings rate to about 55%. In that one year in South Korea, I saved about $9,000. Throughout the years, I’ve been able to use this cash for things like investing, paying for a wedding, and having a baby.

        Tips for paying off debt and saving money as an ESL teacher that Sarah used

        Obtain a position that includes housing in the contract – eliminating the need to pay rent. The housing is usually close to the school so you also save money on transport. Calculate the cost of the rent and transportation money that you are saving and put that amount towards your debt repayments – you will be surprised at how fast that money adds up and you will have paid off your debt in no time.

        Eating out in Asia is very cheap. Cut your food costs by eating at local restaurants and grocery shopping at local markets where food prices are far cheaper than Western countries. The average meal in Asia will cost you $2 to $10 – a bargain compared to home.

        Being an ESL teacher in Asia gives you the luxury of being able to travel while still saving. That’s because flights around Asia are much cheaper and you can stay in smaller hotels and eat out for much less than other countries around the world. For example, in Thailand, a nice clean hotel will cost you around $30-$50 per night and eating some of the world’s best street food, like Michelin starred Noodles in Chinatown in Bangkok, will cost you a mere $3.

        After you have paid off your debts, continue saving the rent and transportation costs and put it into a savings account to use for other things you may need in the future.

        Check out some of ATA’s exclusive ways to save money as an ESL Teacher

        Grocery shopping hacks – Shop where the locals shop, look for catalogues and coupons, and go supermarket shopping at the end of the night when hot food items and baked goods are discounted.
        Choose to teach in a smaller city – The demand for teachers is higher and the living costs are lower so you can save even more $$$
        Live like a local – Eat where the locals eat, use rideshare and food delivery apps that the locals use, and get to know locals so they can give you insider tips for the cheapest and best options in your city

        While you are saving, make sure to add a side hustle if you want to earn more too – Earning more means saving more

        Refer students to ATA TESOL College and affiliate programs

        We offer a great referral and affiliate program for anyone to join. You will earn up to $200 for every successful referral that signs up to our TESOL Courses. Simply go to our link to join the program. Then just by sharing your unique link and referring the people you know, you could be earning even more money as an ESL teacher, just for spreading the word.

        Get an ATA TESOL certificate before you go overseas or start teaching online

        Reputable schools overseas and online require you to have a TESOL certificate. With a TESOL certificate you will be paid more because you will be qualified to teach English overseas. You wouldn’t hire an electrician without an electrical license, so why would an English school hire an English teacher without an International TESOL Teacher’s License?! The answer, a reputable school wouldn’t.

        When choosing your TESOL course, remember that TESOL certificates vary in quality. Make sure to study with a highly rated and award-winning TESOL College like us. This way, you will have access to Australian support when you need help with your studies. Also, make sure that your TESOL college has industry contacts with schools overseas. Many TESOL schools have job boards where they post any job that they can find. We pride ourselves on being different and we have over 15 years of direct industry contacts with schools and corporations all around the world, so we can help you find the job for you. Once again, what good is a qualification if you can’t use it.

        The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
        Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
        Or email us at to find out more today!
        Want to learn how to choose the best TESOL Course? Email us today.

        How to Earn more money as an ESL teacher

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        Earning more money as an ESL teacher isn’t as hard as other professions. This is because the demand for native English teachers is so high and the number of English learners overseas is increasing more and more every year. Plus, English teaching can’t be automated so you don’t have to worry about a robot replacing your job. That’s why TESOL teaching is such a great career choice to secure your future.

        We know that you learned how to save money as an ESL teacher on this blog. But now you want to increase those savings by earning more money. Well, here is the post you’ve been waiting for. EARN MORE MONEY AS AN ESL TEACHER -ATA TESOL COLLEGE

        Here are our tips to earn more money as an ESL teacher.

        Read More

        How to Save Money as an ESL Teacher

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        According to , Australian debt is the highest in the world, with Australians relying heavily on loan products like credit cards and car loans. The debt has increased from 104% in the 90s to over 212% per household in 2015. This means if the average person earns $80,000 net, they are spending $169,600 per year.

        So, most Australians have no way to save money while living and working in Australia. That’s why many of our ATA TESOL teachers made one of the best decisions of their lives to become conversational English teachers overseas. Many have thanked us for opening up a world of travel, career opportunities, and increased savings or ways to eliminate their debt for them.


        Here are our tips to save money as a TESOL teacher overseas.

        Read More

        How to be a great English (ESL) teacher from DAY ONE

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        You’ve just completed your TESOL certification with ATA TESOL College and you are now qualified to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) overseas.

        You have contacted our amazing job support team and landed yourself your dream job in China. You have no more rent to worry about, because your accomodation is included, you have so many exciting new cuisines to try, and you have met some other ESL teachers who are with you in your apartment or at your new school. But you have never taught conversational English before and you are feeling a bit nervous.

        Don’t worry! There is nothing to be nervous about. Being a TESOL teacher is a rewarding and exciting experience, even if you are an introvert like me. You have to remember, everyone was new to a job at least once in their lifetime. And the schools understand that you are new to teaching.

        For beginner TESOL teachers, we have some handy tips for you. Lin Nyunt, an ATA TESOL graduate, is currently teaching in Japan and has combined his love for travel and teaching to become a TESOL teacher and a Vlogger in Japan. Make sure to watch his video at the end of this post and subscribe to his channel here.

        Here is a recap of some of his great tips for first-time teachers and we have added some of ours to the list as well. Feel free to comment with any additional tips that you may have.


        Build rapport

        Smile – As cliche as it sounds, a smile is one of the simplest ways to make your students feel more comfortable in you class.

        Use your students’ names – You will probably have many different classes and many different names to remember but if you can, try to learn as many of your students’ names as possible. A handy trick to remember names is to pick an identifying feature of that student and associate with their name. E.g. Gary with the green glasses

        Ask them about themselves – Engage your students in conversation during the breaks or before class starts. Find out their likes and interests and use this information to tailor some of the activities to their interests.


        Be energetic

        Don’t take yourself too seriously – The students have difficult classes all day long that account for their formal grades. English lessons with TESOL teachers are known to be more engaging than grade focussed. So, try to make your lesson fun and more light-hearted. This will give your students a break from the monotony of grade based learning and they will be more inclined to learn English if they get to have fun learning it.

        Try to be energetic to engage students – Even if you are an introvert, try to be energetic in class. This is where the Total Physical Response (TPR) method that you are taught in our TESOL Course comes in handy. Use your whole body when demonstrating new vocabulary and encourage your students to do the same. Don’t just stand in one spot at the board while lecturing to your students. Move around the classroom to hold their attention and keep them engaged.

        Students learn from animated actions – I like to say that being a TESOL teacher sometimes feels like being an actor. This is because the students enjoy animated and lively facial expressions and vocal tones. They also love to laugh at my over-exaggerated actions in the classroom. The students will laugh and participate more and as we all know, happy learners are better learners.


        Be approachable

        Be silly and have fun – The students will be more relaxed and will want to talk more to you in class and outside of class.

        The goal of an ESL teacher is to get your students to talk more. You are a native speaker and the best way to improve their English is by talking with you! So, the more comfortable they become with you then they will speak more.


        Kick start your career as an English (ESL) Teacher with ATA TESOL College.

        We offer Internationally Employer Recognised and Australian Nationally Accredited TESOL courses.

        Email us at to find out more today.

        How To Be a Great English ESL Teacher From Day One - ATA TESOL College\

        How to choose an ESL teaching niche

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        ESL Teaching Niches - ATA TESOL College

        Having an ESL teaching niche is important

        In the ESL industry, general English classes are the most common and therefore, the most competitive to find employment. In order to stand out from the competition, a great ESL teacher has at least a couple of ESL teaching niches. An ESL teaching niche is a specific area of English learning that you specialise in. ESL teaching niches include, but are not limited to, private tutoring, business English, and English examination preparation. Having an ESL teaching niche is important because it makes you more marketable as an English language teacher and provides you with the opportunity to earn more money.

        The ATA TESOL College Director of Studies describes ESL teaching niches in terms of areas of study:

        “From a more practical perspective, study and training is about job readiness so the question to ask when considering different courses from different institutions is – will I be ready for the job when I’ve completed the course? A course with greater breadth and variety in its training will obviously better prepare a candidate for the workplace, especially if that person has no previous experience in that field. To put it simply, the more you do, the better you will become, or, even more simply, practice makes perfect. ATA’s programs offer more areas of TESOL study than other courses, giving ATA graduates an edge in the job market, particularly with the unit on private tuition which is an increasingly large chunk of the TESOL market these days.”


        Common ESL teaching niches

        Our ATA TESOL College electives equip you with the skills to master the most common ESL Teaching niches such as:

        Private Tuition

        Private tutoring is a lucrative niche. Private tuition gives you the opportunity to earn a higher hourly rate than salary teaching, flexible teaching hours, and opportunities to supplement your income or start your own tutoring business.  We believe so strongly in this niche that private tuition studies feature in both our internationally recognised and nationally accredited TESOL courses.

        IELTS and TOEFL Examination Preparation

        English language examination studies are becoming very popular with international students. Many Asian countries require examination scores to enter universities, study overseas, and for employment both internationally and domestically. Therefore, the need to improve their scores means that IELTS and TOEFL examination preparation teachers are in high demand.

        Business English

        With increasing globalisation, business English is needed for international students to increase their chances of employment. Therefore, business teaching niche is a common niche that many teachers choose.

        Age-specific English

        Age-specific teaching niches are great supplements to the niches above if you want to have more than one teaching niche. Teaching English to Pre-school children is in high demand in Asian countries as they begin to introduce compulsory English curriculum in all kindergartens resulting in an increase in bi-lingual kindergartens. Other age-specific teaching niches encompass children, adolescents, and adults.


        Benefits of ESL teaching niches

        • Increase your chances of employment in competitive environments
        • More areas of study mean that your educational qualifications are of higher value to employers, especially for teachers without experience or a degree
        • Increase your salary and earning power in your teaching niche
        • You will be more qualified compared to the many other teachers with basic TESOL/TEFL certificates
        • More opportunities to start your own teaching/tutoring business
        • The opportunity to target employers and direct your skills to obtain better ESL teaching jobs


        How to choose an ESL teaching niche

        Choosing an ESL teaching niche is just like choosing a major or minor for your Undergraduate studies at a university. It is best to study many different electives to find the niche that you enjoy and suits your teaching style best. From there, you can find employment in that niche to gain experience and eventually become an expert in your teaching niche.



        We can help you choose your ESL teaching niche and map out a study pathway for you to develop your teaching niche. Simply email us today and we will organise a time that suits you.