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8 Places in Jinan You Have to Visit

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The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
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1. Daming Lake (大明湖)

Daming Lake is one of the three famous places in Jinan, the other two are Baotu Spring and Thousand Buddha Mountain. It is a rare natural lake in the bustling city and is located in the northeast of the city centre. It is an important scenic spot in Quancheng since the Tang dynasty (618-907AD). The lake used to be a popular spot where the literary notables would trade float liquor cups down the stream for poetic remarks. The scenery of Daming Lake is beautiful and there are also temples, bridges, and little islands to discover. You can also take boat rides to enjoy the beauty of Daming Lake and the light show at night.

2. Furong Street (芙蓉街)

After drilling through an inconspicuous intersection near Quancheng Road, you will find that behind this bustling Quancheng Road, there is also a well-preserved and rich old city atmosphere street, Furong Street. Furong Street is a historical business street located in the central area of the old city of Jinan. Although Furong Street is now just a narrow alley, there are numerous street food, all kinds of foreign snacks, and the buzz of tourists all over the street which has made this small street be bustling again!

3. Baotu Spring Park (趵突泉)

Baotu Spring Park is located in the downtown area of Jinan, with Thousand Buddha Mountain in the south, Daming Lake in the north, and Quancheng Square in the east. The most famous of the park is the Baotu Spring, which is known as the ‘Number One Spring under the Heaven’. The Baotu Spring is the most renowned spring among the 72 named artesian springs in Jinan and has a history of more than 2,000 years. There are various cultural events will be held in the park and the visitors can also take the boats to visit the Baotu Spring Scenic Area.

4. Quancheng Square (泉城广场)

Quancheng Square is located in the bustling downtown area, adjacent to many attractions in Jinan, west to Baotu Spring, south to Thousand Buddha Mountain, east to Liberation Pavilion, and north to Jinan Moat. The location can be said to be quite good. There are also a large number of shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels around Quancheng Square where you can travel, go shopping and taste delicious food at the same time. The square also has nearly 100,000 square meters of green space, providing the public with an evergreen urban garden.

5. Black Tiger Spring (黑虎泉)

Black Tiger Spring is one of the four major spring groups in Jinan. It is located in Jinan Huancheng Park and east of Quancheng Square. Black Tiger Spring is the most imposing in Jinan Spring Water and its spring water volume is second only to Baotu Spring. Black Tiger Spring gets its name from the tiger roaring sound when three tigers spit out water into the moat. The local people have a tradition of fetching water from the Black Tiger Spring, therefore, you can taste the Black Tiger Spring by having a tea made with it at the teahouse next door. Besides, on the east side of the spring source, there are two giant tigers which you can take a photo with.

6. Thousand Buddha Mountain (千佛山)

The Thousand Buddha Mountain is a hill located in the south of Jinan City and it is famous for its many ancient Buddha statues. Here, you can enter the cave which has nearly 30,000 Buddha statues to explore the mystery of ancient arts, go to the Xingguochan Temple to pray for blessings, or climb to the top of the mountain overlooking the panoramic view of Jinan City. Every year on the third day of the third lunar month and the ninth of September, there will be a grand temple festival in the Thousand Buddha Mountain where the tourists can see various performances, taste a variety of snacks, and can also pray for blessings.

7. Sacred Heart Cathedral (洪家楼耶稣圣心主教座堂)

The Sacred Heart Cathedral, commonly called the Hongjialou Cathedral, is located in the eastern district of Jinan. It has a history of 100 years and it is the largest Catholic church in North China and the landmark of Jinan. Its nearly 60-meter towering upright double towers depict the classics of the Middle Ages in a traditional Gothic architecture style. Although the Sacred Heart Cathedral is a traditional Western-style building, the essence of Chinese culture can be seen through the traditional craftsmanship of the carvings.

8. Shandong Museum (山东博物馆)

The Shandong Museum is the primary museum in Jinan and the largest museum in China. It is located in the eastern part of Jinan City and near the Jinan’s high-speed train station that the tourists can easily go ahead. In the museum, you can see a large number of ancient artefacts, bronzes, ancient books and calligraphy, oracle bones, and the Han Dynasty stone paintings. After visiting the Shandong Museum, you can have a systematic understanding of the cultural history of Shandong Province and the knowledge of Chinese cultures. Be sure to plan at least 4 hours for the visit, if you are interested in ancient Chinese culture!

Helpful Mandarin Travel Phrases and Words

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The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
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1. Nĭ Hăo. 你好
English Translation: Hello

2. Wǒ Jiào + (your name) 我叫 (你的名字)
English Translation: My name is …

3. Zài Jiàn. 再見
English Translation: Goodbye

4. Xiè Xie. 謝謝
English Translation: Thank you.

5. Bù Kè Qì. 不客氣
English Translation: You’re welcome.

6. Zǎo Ān. 早安
English Translation: Good morning.

7. Duì Bu Qǐ. 對不起
English Translation: I’m sorry.

8. Bù Hǎo Yì Si. 不好意思
English Translation: Excuse me/ Pardon/ Sorry.

9. Tīng Bù Dǒng. 聽不懂
English Translation: I don’t understand.

10. Nǐ Huì Shuō Yīng Wén Ma? 你會說英文嗎?
English Translation: Can you speak English?

11. Nǐ Kěyǐ Bāng Wǒ Ma? 你可以幫我嗎?
English Translation: Can you help me?

12. Yǒu Méi Yǒu? 有沒有?
English Translation: Do you have …?

13. Zhè Shì Shén Me? 這是什麼?
English Translation: What is this?

14. Duō Shǎo Qián? 多少錢?
English Translation: How much is it?

15. Tài Guì Le! 太貴了!
English Translation: Too expensive!

16. Pián Yí Yī Diǎn. 便宜一點
English Translation: Make it cheaper.

17. Wǒ Yào…/ Wǒ Bú Yào… 我要/我不要
English Translation: I want …/ I don’t want …

18. Hǎo Chī. 好吃
English Translation: Delicious.

19. Hĕn Piào Liang. 很漂亮
English Translation: Very beautiful.

20. Zài Nǎ Li? 在哪裡?
English Translation: Where is …?

What phrases do you use regularly in China? Comment below.

Summer Nouns – Beginner Level – FREE ESL Lesson Plan

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The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
Or email us at to find out more today!
Want to learn how to choose the best TESOL Course? Contact us today.

Summer Nouns Lesson Plan – ESL Beginner Level
Topic: Summer – with recognition of basic nouns

Level: Beginner

Age: 8-10 years

Length: 45 minutes

TESOL Methodology: Lexical / Eclectic Approach, flashcards, game (bingo) flashcards

Language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Phonics

Lesson Objectives: Learn summer vocabulary. Words: beach, beach ball, beach towel, sandcastle, ocean, ocean waves, beach umbrella, sand, bucket and spade, swimming costume (10).

Resources: Flashcards, summer bingo cards and counters

Warm-Up: Introduction to summer by asking students, if they wish to share, what they each enjoy about the summer months.

Have flashcards with colourful images and their corresponding description words. As an example, flashcard picture of a beach scene with the word ‘beach’, followed with pictures of beach items like towel, beach ball, sandcastle and so on. Have these prepared in order with general beach scene first?

Teaching 1: Show each flashcard image while saying the word five (5) times.

Task 1: Students repeat the words five times together as a class. They then each have a turn at saying the word five times while others listen. Flashcards are then placed around the floor. Teacher says one of the flashcard words, and in teams of two, each student pair moves to the corresponding flashcard. Explain which of these words are described as ‘common nouns’ since they name a person, place or thing, like, ball, umbrella, towel and so on.

Teaching 2: Summer Bingo ( Bingo cards and counters.

Task 2: Provide students with one bingo card and four (4) counters. The children pick four words or pictures then cover them with the counters. The caller randomly calls out words for any of the pictures on the bingo card. Children uncover each of their chosen pictures that are called. The first student to uncover all four chosen words/pictures calls out bingo! The winning student then becomes the caller.

Teaching 3: Whisper chain ( First demonstrate the game with a couple of students and the rules.

Task 3: Organise students into two lines. Beginning with the students at the end of the line, show both students a summer-themed word. Each student whispers the word (example: beach umbrella) to the next student in their line. When the whispered word reaches the last student in the line, that student then picks, from a pile, a matching flashcard image to the word and places it on the floor in front. The group that finishes the number of words (10) wins the game and receives a summer-themed sticker.

Follow-up: If time prevails, the teacher writes up all ten (10) summer words from today’s lesson onto the whiteboard with letters in a disorderly manner. The students then write the letters in the proper order in their work pads and the first student to finish all words correctly is given a sticker of choice.

Homework: Draw and colour an image of a summer scene of choice and mark the images that identify as a common noun and write the word.

Are Cheap TESOL Courses Too Good to be True?

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Are Cheap TESOL Courses Too Good to Be True

Choosing the correct TESOL course is vital to ensure you start your career with the best training, qualifications and skills to find the ESL teaching position that you want. Job support and quality training materials are key to employability and employment is the outcome of your TESOL studies. It’s not worth enrolling in a cheap TESOL or TEFL course to save money initially, only to realise that the cheap course does not qualify you or correctly prepare you for the ESL teaching classroom and does not provide any educational or ESL job support. You will end up saving time and money in the long run by choosing a reputable and award-winning TESOL college like ATA TESOL College from the very beginning.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a TESOL course:

1. Buying cheap TESOL or TEFL courses from international companies, Groupon, or other group-buying sites

Did you know that to sell on Groupon and other discount sites, TESOL/TEFL Schools must reduce their price and then give up to 50% of the profit to that discount site. At those prices, it isn’t possible for that school to offer the high level and quality of ESL job support, tutor support, and educational quality that a reputable provider like ATA TESOL College can offer.

International TEFL companies and academies claim to be based in the UK and Ireland but use these addresses as a “physical address” for their completely online operations. ATA TESOL College has a physical head office here in Brisbane that you can walk into at any time. So, you can be rest assured that your qualification is being delivered by an Australian owned and managed college. This means that our educational standards meet Australian standards as our programs were developed, are delivered, and provide you employment support from right here in Australia.

TESOL and TEFL courses are like anything else – if their price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Choosing a TESOL course that does not meet international employability standards or claims to be accredited or recognised by government bodies

Taking a course that is not developed based upon graduate employability will hinder your employment opportunities and earning potential when teaching ESL overseas, online, and locally.

Reputable schools overseas and online require you to have a TESOL certificate.

With a TESOL certificate you will be have higher employability and earning potential because you will be qualified to teach English overseas. You wouldn’t hire an electrician without an electrical license, so why would an English Language School hire an English teacher without an International TESOL Teacher’s License?! The answer, a reputable school wouldn’t.

Our ATA TESOL Courses have been developed by TESOL qualified educators who have taught overseas in the industry for a combined 25 years. Therefore, they know what schools are looking for when they hire teachers and they developed and wrote our course materials from scratch to make sure you have all the skills as an ATA TESOL qualified ESL Teacher to meet and exceed the international employability standards.

Cheap TEFL and TESOL courses provided by international providers claim to be accredited by international government regulated bodies. These bodies are not recognised in Australia and hold little weight for international employment. These international providers are unable to deliver Nationally Recognised Qualifications like the CERTIV in TESOL that ATA TESOL College can offer, as we are an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO31228) that is governed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). ASQA is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met.

Before you enrol in a course, remember to check the RTO registry, to see if your chosen educational institute is an RTO. Remember, if the educational provider isn’t an RTO, they are a reseller of TESOL/TEFL courses and therefore, have a resell markup in their price that covers their time to help you resulting in lower quality of their service for you as the student and higher fees for you. ATA TESOL College is registered here

3. Signing up for a TESOL course purely based on the “cheapest” price

Only seeing the initial financial cost of a TESOL or TEFL course limits the quality of your education and support which will limit your employability and earning potential outcomes. Cheap TESOL and TEFL courses are merely certificate factories that have limited personal service and interaction resulting in a lack of support and feedback. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the TESOL training industry and therefore, we have exclusive industry contacts that we have formed a relationship with for over 16 years. These contacts are priceless and our level of service coupled with our lifetime ESL job support guarantee is unbeatable in the industry.

Here are the 8 key reasons to choose a quality TESOL college:

1) Partnerships
We are the only private TESOL Course Provider to partner with Seek Learning, Australia’s largest employment website, since 2005. Seek is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Market and therefore, you can be assured that the quality of our TESOL training is second to none.

2) Course Access
The industry norm is 6 months’ access to TESOL and TEFL courses. ATA offers a 12 month timeframe to complete the TESOL course for every student, with lifetime access to your course materials and our unique lifetime ESL Job Support guarantee.

3) Pathways for further studies
As we are a Registered Training Organisation, we offer pathways to upgrade your TESOL qualifications to Australian Recognised Courses like the 10557NAT Certificate IV in TESOL.

4) Employability
Our qualifications were developed with employability and earning potential as the main factor for studies. Therefore, with higher earning potential you are able to recuperate your initial course costs after only a couple of months teaching overseas. Our trainers have even developed articles to give you tips on how to save and earn more money as an ESL teacher so you can start as soon as you graduate.
TESOL Teacher Pays off $16000 Debt – Here’s How
How to Earn More Money as a TESOL Teacher

5) No Student Loans means No Debt
Most university and VET sector courses will cost you at least $40000, of which majority will become a debt you will have to pay off. So, choose our TESOL courses instead, because you can pay upfront or structure a part payment plan to suit your needs. This means that you will graduate without a student debt that you may never be able to pay off. Plus, you will earn back your course fees in as little as 2 months teaching overseas, or even faster when using our tips in the blog article below.
How to Save Money as a TESOL Teacher

6) Turn Your TESOL into a Business Opportunity
ATA TESOL College prides itself on developing our graduates’ TESOL careers. Therefore, we have many graduates who have made businesses by using their TESOL certificates. Tutoring businesses are in high demand and are one of the most lucrative parts on the ESL industry. Therefore, make sure to choose ATA TESOL College, as we offer the industry leading Private Tuition elective and we are the only CERTIV in TESOL on the Australian Market to have a specifically developed Private Tutoring unit of study as well. These units were developed to increase your employability and earning potential overseas, online, and locally.
Check out the article below to find out more.
Turn your ATA TESOL Certificate into a Business

7) Exclusive Jobs from our ESL Industry Contacts
We have over 25 000 graduates teaching ESL around the world, online, and locally. These graduates have opened their own schools around the world and knowing the value and quality of our TESOL courses, continually come back to us directly to recruit ATA graduates like themselves for their schools worldwide. We have these exclusive ESL industry contacts recruiting from us because they know that ATA TESOL qualified ESL teachers are leaders in the ESL teaching industry. To further support our students we have an exclusive Closed Facebook Group for ATA students and graduates only and our lifetime ESL Job Support Guarantee.

8) No Hidden Cost for Job Support and Placements
Many cheap TEFL and TESOL courses have hidden costs for job support and placements to make up for their initial cheap enrolment fees. This will end up costing you the same, if not more, to obtain your TESOL certificate and employment. And honestly, what good is a qualification if you get charged more to or can’t even use it.

When choosing your TESOL course, remember that TESOL certificates vary in quality.
Make sure to study with a highly rated and award-winning TESOL College like us.

This way, you will have access to Australian support when you need help with your studies. Also, make sure that your TESOL college has industry contacts with schools overseas. Many TESOL schools have job boards where they post any job that they can find. We pride ourselves on being different and we have over 15 years of direct industry contacts with schools and corporations all around the world, so we can help you find the job for you. Once again, what good is a qualification if you can’t use it.

The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
Or email us at to find out more today!
Want to learn how to choose the best TESOL Course? Email us today.

TESOL Teacher pays off $16000 debt – Here’s How

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TESOL Teacher pays off $16000 debt – Here’s How-ATA TESOL College

There are numerous factors for the rising amount of debt in Western countries. Many countries cite wage growth slowdown and a rising cost of living as the primary reasons for an increase in household debt.

An article from the ABC about ‘rising costs of living in Australia‘ states:

‘It’s impossible to even move out of home’ May said she was 27 and that about half of her friends were still living at home with their parents.

One young couple, May and Ben, said they had been spending increasing amounts of their money on food, rent and transport.

A retired couple from Switzerland, the country with the world’s highest living costs, said Australia was heading in the same direction as their own country citing Sydney is nearly as expensive as Switzerland now.

A similar article highlights the struggles that ‘Canadians are facing to save money‘ as well:

“Originally we were following the prescriptive path that our parents gave us, which is get a job, buy house, work until you’re 65, and retire,” Shen said. But exorbitant housing prices in Toronto made it impossible to follow that path.

So, you want to know how to free yourself from this financially draining cycle and start paying off those debts?

Become a TESOL teacher and join thousands of other ESL teachers around the world who are now financially free!

Here’s some great examples of how TESOL teaching overseas can help you drastically reduce your cost of living, save money, and still travel.

A car salesman making $30,000 a year quit his job to become an ESL teacher and was able to save more than 65 per cent of his salary. Or, Sarah decided to move overseas to pay down about $16,000 of credit-card and student-loan debt and still be able to travel.

Her salary was about $35,000 a year, and her employer paid for housing, so she was able to drastically reduce her cost of living and put money toward her debt.
She ended up loving her experience so much — and saving so much money — that she moved to China afterward to teach for another eight years.
I bumped up my savings rate to about 55%. In that one year in South Korea, I saved about $9,000. Throughout the years, I’ve been able to use this cash for things like investing, paying for a wedding, and having a baby.

Tips for paying off debt and saving money as an ESL teacher that Sarah used

Obtain a position that includes housing in the contract – eliminating the need to pay rent. The housing is usually close to the school so you also save money on transport. Calculate the cost of the rent and transportation money that you are saving and put that amount towards your debt repayments – you will be surprised at how fast that money adds up and you will have paid off your debt in no time.

Eating out in Asia is very cheap. Cut your food costs by eating at local restaurants and grocery shopping at local markets where food prices are far cheaper than Western countries. The average meal in Asia will cost you $2 to $10 – a bargain compared to home.

Being an ESL teacher in Asia gives you the luxury of being able to travel while still saving. That’s because flights around Asia are much cheaper and you can stay in smaller hotels and eat out for much less than other countries around the world. For example, in Thailand, a nice clean hotel will cost you around $30-$50 per night and eating some of the world’s best street food, like Michelin starred Noodles in Chinatown in Bangkok, will cost you a mere $3.

After you have paid off your debts, continue saving the rent and transportation costs and put it into a savings account to use for other things you may need in the future.

Check out some of ATA’s exclusive ways to save money as an ESL Teacher

Grocery shopping hacks – Shop where the locals shop, look for catalogues and coupons, and go supermarket shopping at the end of the night when hot food items and baked goods are discounted.
Choose to teach in a smaller city – The demand for teachers is higher and the living costs are lower so you can save even more $$$
Live like a local – Eat where the locals eat, use rideshare and food delivery apps that the locals use, and get to know locals so they can give you insider tips for the cheapest and best options in your city

While you are saving, make sure to add a side hustle if you want to earn more too – Earning more means saving more

Refer students to ATA TESOL College and affiliate programs

We offer a great referral and affiliate program for anyone to join. You will earn up to $200 for every successful referral that signs up to our TESOL Courses. Simply go to our link to join the program. Then just by sharing your unique link and referring the people you know, you could be earning even more money as an ESL teacher, just for spreading the word.

Get an ATA TESOL certificate before you go overseas or start teaching online

Reputable schools overseas and online require you to have a TESOL certificate. With a TESOL certificate you will be paid more because you will be qualified to teach English overseas. You wouldn’t hire an electrician without an electrical license, so why would an English school hire an English teacher without an International TESOL Teacher’s License?! The answer, a reputable school wouldn’t.

When choosing your TESOL course, remember that TESOL certificates vary in quality. Make sure to study with a highly rated and award-winning TESOL College like us. This way, you will have access to Australian support when you need help with your studies. Also, make sure that your TESOL college has industry contacts with schools overseas. Many TESOL schools have job boards where they post any job that they can find. We pride ourselves on being different and we have over 15 years of direct industry contacts with schools and corporations all around the world, so we can help you find the job for you. Once again, what good is a qualification if you can’t use it.

The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
Or email us at to find out more today!
Want to learn how to choose the best TESOL Course? Email us today.

Coles Little Shop Minis Aussie English Lesson Plan – Free ESL Lesson Plan

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Coles Little Shop Minis Lesson Plan

Coles Little Shop Minis Lesson Plan

Topic: Aussie English Terminology for Supermarket Shopping
Level: Intermediate
Age: 10 – 15 years old
Length: 45 minutes
TESOL Methodology: Eclectic approach
Language Skills: Listening, reading, writing, speaking
Lesson Objectives: Students will be able learn about Australian Supermarket Shopping using the Coles Little Shop Minis. Students will be able to identify the products, participate in a role-play, and complete written activities about comparing Australian products to products in their country.
Resources: Coles Little Shop Minis

Pre-task: Show the students the Coles Minis and have them pass them around. Explain that these are mini (small) versions of the items that Australians purchase in the supermarket.

Teaching 1: Introduce the word “supermarket”. Explain that this is the Australian English word for grocery store or market. Introduce common products that Australians buy by presenting the Coles minis that you have chosen to teach in that lesson.
Task 1: Have the students repeat each brand and item type. E.g. Kleenex (brand) Toilet Paper (Item Type) at least 3 times.

Teaching 2: Explain the game. Separate students into pairs. Give them 2 Minis per pair. Have the students identify the two minis they have to each other. Make each student take turns saying one mini and the other student must hold up the correct Coles Little Shop Mini. Swap.
Task 2: Have the students play the game then swap their minis with other pairs and repeat.

Teaching 3: Have the students write a supermarket shopping roleplay using the minis in pairs. One student will be the checkout cashier and one person will be the shopper. Have the students take turns asking the cashier for certain items based on the minis.
Task 3: Present the roleplay to the class.

Follow-up: Ask the students to write down the brands of comparable products that they buy in their country. This is to reinforce the types of products that are commonly bought when supermarket shopping and will allow them to associate our brands with their brands. Students should present their comparable brands at the start of the following class.

The best way to be an ESL teacher is to become a TESOL teacher, our training prepares you to teach conversational English.
Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
Or join our free Ambassador Program to start earning $$$ for referring us today.

8 Ways To Start Your Own Business Online

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Do you want to start your own business online but don’t have a lot of money?

Do you want the freedom of being your own boss?

Do you want to set your own schedule, earn what you’re worth, and be able to work from home or anywhere in the world?

The internet has opened up so many opportunities for people who want to start their own business online. And thankfully, with all of the tools available online, you don’t even need technical experience to get started. So, anyone with a little money, spare time, and a computer can build a money-making business online.

6 Online Businesses You Can Start Without A Lot of Money

1. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a great way to test the waters of running your own business.

With no investment, you can start selling from your social media accounts instantly. Affiliate marketing works by signing up for an affiliate program, obtaining your free unique URL, and sharing that link on all of your social media accounts.

Your customers will then click on this link and the merchant automatically tracks your URL ID and they provide the billing, product, and customer service. So, you can earn money from your online business while you sleep!

You can join our affiliate program and start earning for free today:

All you have to do is manage the marketing for your links. The best practice is to share your links through social media and email marketing. If you already have a blog or website, add your link there too. Affiliate marketing is the passive income business you have been looking for.

2. Blogging
Sharing your knowledge is a great way to start an online business. Everyone has great life experience and knowledge that can be shared. Blogging is a great side hustle that can turn into a profitable online business. You can add your affiliate links or Adsense to your blog to start earning money.

3. Online Videos
Creating videos is a great way to grow your personal brand. Using your personal brand you can market products and build your business. Making videos is a great way to start a business that can be monetised through Adsense and affiliate marketing as well.

4. Create Information Products
eBooks are a great way to start your online business. Spend some time developing a book about a topic you are passionate about and share it online. Distributors like Amazon and Kindle are great places to selling your eBook. The beauty of this is that you can spend your time marketing your product and earn money without having to hold physical inventory.

5. Online coaching
One on one teaching is booming around the world. More people are turning away from traditional education and are learning more practical skills through one on one coaching. Tutoring online is simple with great programs like Skype and Zoom and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

6. Freelance Writer
More companies are requiring writers to help them write blog posts and content for their websites. This is a booming industry that anyone can try their hand at. With sites like Freelancer and Upwork, there is an employer for every freelancer.

But a lot of the industries are competitive and oversaturated. That’s where building your own English Teaching Business is the best option for starting your own online business.

Why should you start an English Tutoring Business?

✓ All you need is the ability to speak English (you don’t even need a strong grasp of grammar – we teach you that), a computer and microphone, access to the internet, and our ATA TESOL Certificate.

You will always have a job – The demand for TESOL qualified English Teachers is growing exponentially every year and ESL Teaching is an industry that cannot be automated

Instant income – If your business is taking time to build up, you can instantly start earning and gain experience by teaching for a school and affiliate marketing our programs

What English Tutoring Businesses Can You Start?

All of the online businesses above can be adapted to the online English Tutoring model.

1. Start your own English Tutoring Business Online
Our Private Tuition qualification prepares you to tutor students online. With your ATA TESOL Certificate and our Online Tutoring Guide (that you receive as our student) you will have all of the tools to start your own online tutoring business.

We also offer practice online teaching to give you teaching experience for your resume.

2. Affiliate Market ATA TESOL Programs
Our Ambassador Program is free to join and you can start earning instantly by sharing your unique URL.

We are a TESOL College with over 15 years experience, insider ESL industry knowledge, and a large bank of testimonials and positive reviews for you to share with your customers. You can join and start earning today.

3. Create ESL Information Products
With our programs, you will learn how to develop lesson plans and curriculum for the ESL classroom. Many of our graduates have developed their own lesson plans and online English Teaching content that they market online.

We currently have graduates that as TESOL teachers have written eBooks, become Youtubers and Social Media Stars showing daily life as ESL Teachers, become popular freelancers writing lesson plans and curriculum for schools, and developed virtual English classes on their own blogs and websites.

These teachers have turned their ESL tutoring careers into full and profitable businesses.

4. Specialised IELTS and TOEFL and Business English Tutors
The IELTS and TOEFL Tutor and Business English industry is in high demand at the moment. Many international students are seeking better scores to enter International Universities and to obtain better jobs.

That’s why we offer two unique areas of study, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation Elective and the Business English Elective, to qualify you to tutor students for their exams and to teach them Business English.

These are profitable online tutoring niches that you can build a money making online business from.

5. Tutor in Australia or Anywhere in the World
I actually started my ESL career tutoring international students at my local library. I put my listing in online classifieds and because I was an ATA TESOL Certified TESOL Teacher, I had so many students that I had a waitlist.

This was my job that funded University expenses and my travels while I was in University. I ran this as my business for 3 years.

So, with our ATA TESOL qualification you can create a business in your own city.

I’d never taught anything but I knew how to speak English and with the training from ATA TESOL College I was able to tutor international ESL students in my own fun and rewarding business.

6. Host and Tutor From Your Own Home
Everybody has jumped on the Airbnb bandwagon but if you have a spare room in your home, Homestay and tutoring is a far more lucrative way to turn your home into a full-time business.

Homestay students are clean and polite because they have intentions to improve their English. On top of collecting fees for homestay and board, many homestay students will pay up to $40 an hour to learn English with you as a TESOL Qualified English Tutor.

Packages from homestay companies with meals and 10 hours of a lessons a week can earn you up to $1500 a week. All without leaving the comfort of you own home.

This program can also be modelled from your own home while you are travelling or working overseas, because many companies overseas have weekend immersion programs with native English speakers who are living abroad.

7. Start Your Own School
When the travel bug bites and you’re ready to see more of the world, our qualification and your experience will prepare you to start your own school overseas.

The demand for English learning is so high that you will always have an abundance of students ready to learn.

So, like many of our ATA TESOL Graduates start your own English language school while you are living overseas.

8. Work online, in Australia, or overseas
The best part about our ATA TESOL Programs is that you have a business safety net.

If your business is taking a long time to build and you need to pay the bills in the meantime, having our ATA TESOL Certificate qualifies you to teach conversational English for online schools, schools overseas, and for private language institutes or study tour and summer camp groups here in Australia.

So, while you are becoming the budding entrepreneur you will still be able to earn a living.

There are so many more business opportunities for you in the ESL industry. You can be as innovative as you like.

How do you get started?

With over 20 years business and ESL industry experience, I can help you map out a pathway for you to build the English Tutoring Business that will give you the freedom to start living life on your own terms.
Simply email me, Marie, or call me on 1300 723 928 today and I will organise a time that suits you.

Free ESL Lesson Plan – Business English Idioms

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Free ESL Lesson Plan – Business English Idioms
This is a handy lesson plan to prepare your Business English students for the business environment.

ATA FREE ESL ACTIVITY - Business English

Topic: Idioms in a business situation:
Bail a company out, big cheese, double check, figure out, get off the ground, heads will roll, in the red, sell like hot cakes, tight spot, work out, take over
Level: Upper Intermediate, Advanced
Age: Adult 19+
Length: 45 minutes
TESOL Methodology: Eclectic approach: slide show, dialogue recording and text, crossword worksheet
Language Skills: Listening, reading, writing, speaking
Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to demonstrate recognition of idiom phrases spoken by counting. Students will be able to call out loud the correct phrase to a defining picture. Students will be able to use their reading skill to read a text and answer questions. Students will be able to write idiom phrases on the crossword worksheet.
Resources: Whiteboard and markers, business meeting dialogue recording and text, speakers, projector screen and computer, picture cards, crossword worksheet, paper and stationery for students

Pre-task: Play the business meeting dialogue recording, slide show

Teaching 1: Teacher write on board idiom phrases class will be learning. Teacher will speak each phrase 5 times and explain that students will be able to define them by the end of the lesson. Teacher will then play business meeting dialogue recording at least 3 times and explain to the students that the dialogue is between two work colleagues discussing news that their company has brought another company because it hasn’t been doing very well and they are making plans to work on a new product. The students are to write how many times they hear each idiom phrase in the dialogue.
Task 1: Students will listen to the idiom phrases spoken and associate spoken words with its written form. They will then count how many times they hear the idiom in context.

Teaching 2: Teacher will present slide show pointing to associated idiom phrase on board when relevant picture displayed. Teacher will then replay slide show and hide idiom phrases.
Task 2: Students will recognise in visual form the definition of the idiom phrases by relevant pictures. Students will then call out correct idiom phrase to go with picture without looking at the written words or assistance from the teacher.

Teaching 3: Teacher will distribute written form of the business meeting dialogue played earlier and explain students can now underline the idiom phrases when they see them.
Task 3: Students will read dialogue text and underline the idioms they see

Follow-up: Give to students crossword worksheet to complete. This will ask words of an idiom that best suits a definition or fill the blank of a sentence.

Slide Show Images:
1) Bail a company out – offering bags of money to poverty stricken, S.O.S. and rescue
2) Big cheese – obvious figure of authority presiding over others (king, head of table)
3) Double check – person looking over their work with symbol or number signifying second time doing so, same book different time on clock
4) Figure out – group bent over work, pens in hand marking up plans, light bulb over head
5) Get off the ground – inventors working with the start of an idea, thought bubbles above head expressing full idea or hopes
6) Heads will roll – angry authoritative figure, upset subordinates, guillotine in background
7) In the red – line graph with falling profits, cost of expenses above money coming in
8) Sell like hot cakes – enthusiastic crowd waving cash at popular product salesperson
9) Tight spot – upset people caught in a dead end with potential harm coming their way
10) Work out – person with multiple iterations of an object
11) Take-over – conquering army or authoritative figure

Sarah: Good morning John, how are you?
John: Good morning Sarah, I’m great thanks; how are you? Please have a seat.
Sarah: That’s good, thank you I will.
John: I called you in today to discuss the latest news for our company and perhaps figure out what needs to be done to get Product A off the ground.
Sarah: Yes of course, I heard that our company had to bail out Company X as it was in the red with its money.
John: That’s right the big cheese decided it was a great opportunity to take over company X whilst it was in a tight spot.
Sarah: Will heads roll at Company X?
John: Perhaps, when employees let costs get into the red it doesn’t look good on the company, but the good news is that we have gained a new product – Product A from the take-over. We now need to work out our strategy for developing and selling this product and get it off the ground.
Sarah: Right I will need to double-check my figures* but I predict that Product A will sell like hot cakes and take over its competitors.
John: That’s great news we certainly don’t want to be in the same tight spot that Company X found themselves in. The big cheese will be happy to hear this as well. Alright I’ll let you figure out how we are going to sell Product A. When can you get back to me?
Sarah: I’ll can start double-checking my work* this afternoon
John: Good, report to me once you are finished and we’ll meet with the big cheese for further instructions.
Sarah: Great, ok I’ll go back to my desk and start working on it now if we are finished?
John: Yes, thanks again for coming in, good bye.
Sarah: Good bye
*The words figures, work or numbers can be interchanged here depending if you want to test students on their understanding on when similar words become an idiom and when they are not.

Crossword Worksheet:
When you rescue a company from monetary problems you….. bail a company out
An authoritative figure can sometimes be called…… big cheese
I’m going to ……….. my work, to make sure there are no mistakes double-check
When you come up with new ideas you……. figure out
We have a new product but we need some cash to……… get it off the ground
Oh no Bill is in trouble with the boss his…… head will roll
That company’s profits are …, they’re in trouble in the red
Donuts are delicious; if we sell them they will ……… sell like hot cakes
You can be in this position when you are in trouble and have few options tight spot
We are going to …… that company it’s up for sale take over
We are proceeding to the planning stage; we will….. the product from there work out

The best way to be an ESL teacher is to become a TESOL teacher, our training prepares you to teach conversational English.
Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
Or email us at to find out more today!

How to Earn more money as an ESL teacher

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Earning more money as an ESL teacher isn’t as hard as other professions. This is because the demand for native English teachers is so high and the number of English learners overseas is increasing more and more every year. Plus, English teaching can’t be automated so you don’t have to worry about a robot replacing your job. That’s why TESOL teaching is such a great career choice to secure your future.

We know that you learned how to save money as an ESL teacher on this blog. But now you want to increase those savings by earning more money. Well, here is the post you’ve been waiting for. EARN MORE MONEY AS AN ESL TEACHER -ATA TESOL COLLEGE

Here are our tips to earn more money as an ESL teacher.

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