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Are Cheap TESOL Courses Too Good to be True?

By August 6, 2019October 9th, 2020ESL Industry Advice

Are Cheap TESOL Courses Too Good to Be True

Choosing the correct TESOL course is vital to ensure you start your career with the best training, qualifications and skills to find the ESL teaching position that you want. Job support and quality training materials are key to employability and employment is the outcome of your TESOL studies. It’s not worth enrolling in a cheap TESOL or TEFL course to save money initially, only to realise that the cheap course does not qualify you or correctly prepare you for the ESL teaching classroom and does not provide any educational or ESL job support. You will end up saving time and money in the long run by choosing a reputable and award-winning TESOL college like ATA TESOL College from the very beginning.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a TESOL course:

1. Buying cheap TESOL or TEFL courses from international companies, Groupon, or other group-buying sites

Did you know that to sell on Groupon and other discount sites, TESOL/TEFL Schools must reduce their price and then give up to 50% of the profit to that discount site. At those prices, it isn’t possible for that school to offer the high level and quality of ESL job support, tutor support, and educational quality that a reputable provider like ATA TESOL College can offer.

TESOL and TEFL courses are like anything else – if their price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Choosing a TESOL course that does not meet international employability standards

Taking a course that is not developed based upon graduate employability will hinder your employment opportunities and earning potential when teaching ESL overseas, online, and locally.

Reputable schools overseas and online require you to have a TESOL certificate.

With a TESOL certificate you will have higher employability and earning potential because you will be qualified to teach English overseas. You wouldn’t hire an electrician without an electrical license, so why would an English Language School hire an English teacher without an International TESOL Teacher’s License?! The answer, a reputable school wouldn’t.

Our ATA TESOL Courses have been developed by TESOL qualified educators who have taught overseas in the industry for a combined 25 years. Therefore, they know what schools are looking for when they hire teachers and they developed and wrote our course materials from scratch to make sure you have all the skills as an ATA TESOL qualified ESL Teacher to meet and exceed the international employability standards. Our TESOL graduates are employed by some of the largest English language schools in the world including, the Jinan Education Board in Australia, Berlitz, HESS Taiwan, English First, and more.

3. Signing up for a TESOL course purely based on the “cheapest” price

Only seeing the initial financial cost of a TESOL or TEFL course limits the quality of your education and support which will limit your employability and earning potential outcomes. Cheap TESOL and TEFL courses are merely certificate factories that have limited personal service and interaction resulting in a lack of support and feedback. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the TESOL training industry and therefore, we have exclusive industry contacts that we have formed a relationship with for over 16 years. These contacts are priceless and our level of service coupled with our lifetime ESL job support guarantee is unbeatable in the industry.

Here are the 8 key reasons to choose a quality TESOL college:

1) Partnerships
We are the only private TESOL Course Provider to partner with Seek Learning, Australia’s largest employment website, since 2005. Seek is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Market and therefore, you can be assured that the quality of our TESOL training is second to none.

2) Course Access
The industry norm is 6 months’ access to TESOL and TEFL courses. ATA offers a 12 month timeframe to complete the TESOL course for every student, with lifetime access to your course materials and our unique lifetime ESL Job Support guarantee.

3) Strengthen your ESL Niche
We have the most industry electives on the market so you can develop your ESL teaching niche to become a specialist English Teacher. We also have the popular Online Tutoring and Private Tuition electives that increase your employability and earning potential.

4) Employability
Our qualifications were developed with employability and earning potential as the main factor for studies. Therefore, with higher earning potential you are able to recuperate your initial course costs after only a couple of months teaching overseas. Our trainers have even developed articles to give you tips on how to save and earn more money as an ESL teacher so you can start as soon as you graduate.
TESOL Teacher Pays off $16000 Debt – Here’s How
How to Earn More Money as a TESOL Teacher

5) No Student Loans means No Debt
Most university and VET sector courses will cost you tens of thousands of dollars, of which majority will become a debt you will have to pay off. So, choose our TESOL courses instead, because you can pay upfront or structure a part payment plan to suit your needs. This means that you will graduate without a student debt that you may never be able to pay off. Plus, you will earn back your course fees in as little as 2 months teaching overseas, or even faster when using our tips in the blog article below.
How to Save Money as a TESOL Teacher

6) Turn Your TESOL into a Business Opportunity
ATA TESOL College prides itself on developing our graduates’ TESOL careers. Therefore, we have many graduates who have made businesses by using their TESOL certificates. Tutoring businesses are in high demand and are one of the most lucrative parts on the ESL industry. Therefore, make sure to choose ATA TESOL College, as we offer the industry-leading Private Tuition elective and Online Tutoring elective. These electives were developed to increase your employability and earning potential overseas, online, and locally.
Check out the article below to find out more.
Turn your ATA TESOL Certificate into a Business

7) Exclusive Jobs from our ESL Industry Contacts
We have over 25 000 graduates teaching ESL around the world, online, and locally. These graduates have opened their own schools around the world and knowing the value and quality of our TESOL courses, continually come back to us directly to recruit ATA graduates like themselves for their schools worldwide. We have these exclusive ESL industry contacts recruiting from us because they know that ATA TESOL qualified ESL teachers are leaders in the ESL teaching industry. To further support our students we have an exclusive Closed Facebook Group for ATA students and graduates only and our lifetime ESL Job Support Guarantee.

8) No Hidden Cost for Job Support and Placements
Many cheap TEFL and TESOL courses have hidden costs for job support and placements to make up for their initial cheap enrolment fees. This will end up costing you the same, if not more, to obtain your TESOL certificate and employment. And honestly, what good is a qualification if you get charged more to or can’t even use it.

When choosing your TESOL course, remember that TESOL certificates vary in quality.
Make sure to study with a highly rated and award-winning TESOL College like us.

This way, you will have access to Australian support when you need help with your studies. Also, make sure that your TESOL college has industry contacts with schools overseas. Many TESOL schools have job boards where they post any job that they can find. We pride ourselves on being different and we have over 15 years of direct industry contacts with schools and corporations all around the world, so we can help you find the job for you. Once again, what good is a qualification if you can’t use it.

The best way to start your English teaching career is to become a TESOL teacher with ATA TESOL College.
Make sure to check out our courses page to find out about TESOL.
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