Award-winning TESOL College

We are an award-winning TESOL College for being the largest
and best private TESOL provider in Australia

ATA TESOL College has been servicing the ESL industry since 2003.

Our Motto:
“Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got”

Our Vision
“International Expansion and Recognition, through focused marketing, development, training and teamwork.”

In this constantly changing industry, we can’t afford to rest on our successes and we are constantly reinventing ourselves to cater to changing international requirements and graduate needs. One way this is demonstrated is with our ever increasing and diverse range of electives that add value to our courses and thereby our graduates, by increasing their knowledge base and marketability when teaching both in Australia and overseas.

We are successful because we listen to our customers, graduates and the industry itself and make sure we are flexible enough to move with the times.

Our greatest asset is our customers. Without YOU, we wouldn’t exist. Therefore, our goal is to offer you the best possible course and resources we can so as to produce excellent teachers. These teachers who not only need to learn English in theory, but most importantly need to know how to use the language effectively in everyday situations.

Our most popular programs are our 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate program and the 240 hour Professional TESOL Certificate Program. These programs continue to grow rapidly in popularity, and have gained overwhelming worldwide respect and recognition. In the past four years thousands of students have completed our programs. This respect and recognition is shown by the ever-expanding number of schools and recruiters hiring our graduates.

We offer excellent educational value and flexible study options and are successfully producing world-class English language teachers who are highly sought after internationally.

As you can see, our staff family is made up of people from not only Australia, but from all corners of our wonderful planet. We believe the knowledge they bring from abroad benefits us by giving you a more well rounded knowledge of the overseas market. We also encourage overseas students to intern in Australian thereby giving them the chance to practice their English speaking and listening skills in everyday business.

We retain agents worldwide – these professionals are devoted to delivering our customers with up to date information about our ever changing and ever growing industry.

Together our head office staff and our field agents make up an ESL team rivaled by none. We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to deliver information and better service to you, our valued customers.

Our trainers are the core of our college. They draw on many years of teaching experience in the ESL classroom and of life experiences living abroad.

Their knowledge of the countries they have lived in, the schools they have taught at, the students they have met and their own style and flair in the classroom are all things they share with you in our training rooms. These experiences are valuable lessons that you will not get from a book or web page.

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