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8 Places to Take the Best Instagram Photos in Taiwan in 2019

By January 7, 2020Uncategorized

1. Zhengbin Fishing Port (正濱漁港)

The Zhengbin Fishing Port, new instagrammable spot in Keelung, is knowns as the Taiwan version of Venice. This is an ordinary fishing port repainted with romantic colours, and there are 16 colourful rainbow houses along the Zhengbib Fishing Port which make this fishing port more vivid. Tourists can snap colourful photos of the artsy houses by the Zhangbin Fishing Port.
Popular Hashtags: #正濱漁港#zhengbinfishingport

2. Xiangshan (Taipei 101) (象山/台北101)

Xiangshan, the highest point in Taipei city, is one of the best places to enjoy Taipei’s scenery. It is very convenient to reach the Xiangshan Trail and then people can overlook the view of Taipei 101 and also enjoy the beautiful sunset. When the night is getting dark and the city lights brighten the entire night sky, people can also enjoy the beautiful night scenes.
Popular Hashtags: #taipei101#象山#xiangshan

3. Tao Zhu Yin Yuan (陶朱隱園)

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, also known as Agora Garden tower, is the most futuristic residential building in Taipei. This 21-storey building with a special appearance of rotation is inspired by the double-helical structure of human DNA. Here now has become the popular Instagram spot in Taipei and people can also take a photo with the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan and Taipei 101 at the same time from a special angle.
Popular Hashtags: #taipei101#taozhuyinyuan#陶朱隱園

4. Maokong Gondola (貓空纜車)

The Maokong Gondola is the first gondola system in Taipei and the one-way travel time is about 20 to 30 minutes. The three most beautiful times to take the gondola are when the sun is setting when the lights of the city are shinning at night, and in the midst after rain. At the final stop, there are numerous tea shops and tea plantations, visitors can taste Taiwan’s speciality tea and meal while enjoying the stunning scenery of Taipei.
Popular Hashtags: #maokonggondola #貓空

5. Longfeng Waterfall Skywalk (龍鳳瀑布空中步道)

The Longfeng Waterfall Skywalk, the longest air corridor in Taiwan, is a ‘U’ shaped walkway with transparent and no suspension system, just likes the Taiwan version of the American Grand Canyon Skywalk. This trail allows visitors to stay at the bottom of the waterfall and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, and the thrill of walking through the air on the transparent trail.
Popular Hashtag: #龍鳳瀑布空中步道

6. National Taichung Theatre (台中國家歌劇院)

The National Taichung Theatre is undoubtedly the hottest spot in Taichung! This building is the most difficult one to construct in the world and it is designed by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Visitors can not only take beautiful pictures at the outside of the theatre, but the inside of the theatre also has a lot of amazing spaces that visitors can take a lot of photos in there. Besides, the night view outside the theatre is also very beautiful, not only suitable for dating but also suitable for the family to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the National Taichung Theatre.
Popular Hashtags: #台中國家歌劇院#nationaltaichungtheater

7. Chimei Museum (奇美博物館)

The Chimei Museum is one of the must-see attractions for people to visit Tainan. Due to its unique architecture, a Versailles-style European building, it has become a hot spot for the photo-taking. The square also has many statues with Greek mythology as the background and the beautiful fountain which are also the hot Instagrammable spots.
Popular Hashtags: #chimeimuseum #奇美博物館

8. Siaogangshan Skywalk Park (岡山之眼)

The design of the Siaogangshan Skywalk is inspired by music, the cable-stayed bridge looks like a violin and its steel cables symbolize the violin strings, while the spiral staircases at the end represent a harmonica which seems to respond to the violin in a song. The whole skywalk is not really long, but the visitors can clearly enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Taiwan Strait, 85 Sky Tower, the Agongdian Reservoir, and the Mount Banping and the visitors can also take lots of beautiful pictures on the 8-storey glass walkway.
Popular Hashtags: #siaogangshanskywalkpark #岡山之眼


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