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How to choose an ESL teaching niche

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ESL Teaching Niches - ATA TESOL College

Having an ESL teaching niche is important

In the ESL industry, general English classes are the most common and therefore, the most competitive to find employment. In order to stand out from the competition, a great ESL teacher has at least a couple of ESL teaching niches. An ESL teaching niche is a specific area of English learning that you specialise in. ESL teaching niches include, but are not limited to, private tutoring, business English, and English examination preparation. Having an ESL teaching niche is important because it makes you more marketable as an English language teacher and provides you with the opportunity to earn more money.

The ATA TESOL College Director of Studies describes ESL teaching niches in terms of areas of study:

“From a more practical perspective, study and training is about job readiness so the question to ask when considering different courses from different institutions is – will I be ready for the job when I’ve completed the course? A course with greater breadth and variety in its training will obviously better prepare a candidate for the workplace, especially if that person has no previous experience in that field. To put it simply, the more you do, the better you will become, or, even more simply, practice makes perfect. ATA’s programs offer more areas of TESOL study than other courses, giving ATA graduates an edge in the job market, particularly with the unit on private tuition which is an increasingly large chunk of the TESOL market these days.”


Common ESL teaching niches

Our ATA TESOL College electives equip you with the skills to master the most common ESL Teaching niches such as:

Private Tuition

Private tutoring is a lucrative niche. Private tuition gives you the opportunity to earn a higher hourly rate than salary teaching, flexible teaching hours, and opportunities to supplement your income or start your own tutoring business.  We believe so strongly in this niche that private tuition studies feature in both our internationally recognised and nationally accredited TESOL courses.

IELTS and TOEFL Examination Preparation

English language examination studies are becoming very popular with international students. Many Asian countries require examination scores to enter universities, study overseas, and for employment both internationally and domestically. Therefore, the need to improve their scores means that IELTS and TOEFL examination preparation teachers are in high demand.

Business English

With increasing globalisation, business English is needed for international students to increase their chances of employment. Therefore, business teaching niche is a common niche that many teachers choose.

Age-specific English

Age-specific teaching niches are great supplements to the niches above if you want to have more than one teaching niche. Teaching English to Pre-school children is in high demand in Asian countries as they begin to introduce compulsory English curriculum in all kindergartens resulting in an increase in bi-lingual kindergartens. Other age-specific teaching niches encompass children, adolescents, and adults.


Benefits of ESL teaching niches

  • Increase your chances of employment in competitive environments
  • More areas of study mean that your educational qualifications are of higher value to employers, especially for teachers without experience or a degree
  • Increase your salary and earning power in your teaching niche
  • You will be more qualified compared to the many other teachers with basic TESOL/TEFL certificates
  • More opportunities to start your own teaching/tutoring business
  • The opportunity to target employers and direct your skills to obtain better ESL teaching jobs


How to choose an ESL teaching niche

Choosing an ESL teaching niche is just like choosing a major or minor for your Undergraduate studies at a university. It is best to study many different electives to find the niche that you enjoy and suits your teaching style best. From there, you can find employment in that niche to gain experience and eventually become an expert in your teaching niche.



We can help you choose your ESL teaching niche and map out a study pathway for you to develop your teaching niche. Simply email us today and we will organise a time that suits you.


8 Amazing Places to Work as a Volunteer TESOL Teacher

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Volunteer TESOL Teacher - ATA TESOL College-min

The best places to teach English as a volunteer TESOL teacher

Being a TESOL/TEFL teacher allows you to give back to the community by volunteering your time to countries abroad. This rewarding opportunity is open to all ATA TESOL College graduates through our partner volunteering companies. Volunteer programs include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, breakfast and 24/7 in-country support. It is recommended that all volunteers gain TESOL certification before departing because many volunteer positions require you to lesson plan and tailor curriculum in the classroom, two skills that are taught in our TESOL program. The hardest part about being a volunteer TESOL teacher is picking only one amazing destination to visit.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina. This vibrant city will breathe life into your adventures. Make sure to visit the La Boca area to experience the brightly coloured buildings that are famous in Buenos Aires. As a volunteer TESOL teacher you will be teaching English alongside local teachers to primary school children in the shanty town areas of Southern Buenos Aires. You will be a valuable support to the local teachers and will be mainly helping with pronunciation and speaking.



Bali is Indonesia’s largest tourist destination. Numerous visitors travel to Bali every year to experience its pristine beaches, natural beauty, unique culture, and many tourist activities. Being able to give back to such an amazing place means that you will bring great meaning to what would have been just any other Bali vacation. As a volunteer TESOL teacher you will be assisting elementary school children with their conversational English language skills in Ubud. Learning English provides the children with future career opportunities in the growing tourism industry in Bali and so you will be giving the children a brighter future.



Cambodia is an Asian country famous for its Angkor Wat relics in Siem Reap. With a low cost of living and many expats, Cambodia is a great destintion for volunteers on a budget. As a volunteer TESOL teacher you will be providing children with the opportunity to learn English, which is required for future employment, when they usually would not be able to afford it. Most English teaching positions will be general english teaching in orphanages or NGO-run schools.



Italy is a country famous for its landmarks in Rome and delicious food, like pizza and pasta. But did you know that Naples in Italy has one of the highest student drop out rates in the whole country? So, there are opportunities for volunteer TESOL teachers to assist local teachers in public schools or after school programs to encourage students to learn English and maintain their education in Naples.


Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is a bucket list destination for most avid travellers. With its stunning architecture and unique landscape, a visit to Marrakech is a trip of a lifetime. Learning English gives Moroccans the ability to further their education and gain employment in a competitive job market. As a volunteer TESOL teacher, you will work in local community centers teaching English to children, teenagers, and adults.



Their is more to mexico than tequila, margaritas, and tacos. Mexico is home to beautiful beaches and friendly, smiling faces. Volunteer teaching in Mexico is very diverse and you could be places in facilities such as, orphanages, community centers, foster care institutions, or traditionals schools. As a volunteer TESOL teacher you will support the weekly English lessons that the students have by revising material in a fun and interesting way.



Nepal is famous for its rich history and culture and one must visit Kathmandu as least once in their lifetime. Living in Nepal provides you with a rare opportunity to look past the landmark temples and to enrich your spirit by becoming one with the locals. Volunteer TESOL teachers will teach in public or private schools and will provide English lessons to students who do not have the opportunity to learn English because of limited funds.



Madrid is wonderful city with many beautiful landmarks and Spanish charm. With high levels of youth unemployment in Madrid, Spain, English conversational skills are highly sought after to give the youth a competitive edge when job hunting. As a volunteer TESOL teacher, you will assist students of all age groups at local centers providing extra-curricular classes. These provide otherwise limited communities with the opportunity to practice and improve their English language skills.



Kick start your volunteer TESOL Career with us today.